As Little Children: Leading


Welcome to August 2014 "In Word & Image" at The Writer's Reverie! Each week I explore monthly themes using Scripture combined with a visual and a devotional thought! Ruminate with me. Be inspired in your heart. Be captivated by His beauty. Be enriched in the timeless treasury of His gifts. Be challenged to go forth with purpose and … [Read more...]

Three Blogging Gals Blogging

dancing girls

Well, it looks like everyone's been so busy coming to the end of summer this month, that we've all been dancing around our long lists of "to-do's" - with the Writer's Blogging Challenge coming in a little late for me and three blogging gals. A couple of weeks ago, I was featured at Enthusiastically Dawn's place as a Blogging Gal answering four … [Read more...]

The Making of Miracles: Update!

premature birth, miracles

SOMETIMES THE TEARS just flow. Burdens get so heavy and decisions so difficult that your natural response is to weep. God knows the tears you have cried, and He honors every one of them by transforming them into SEEDS OF HOPE.  REJOICE that your tears are NOT IN VAIN! God CULTIVATES each glistening drop and TRANSFORMS it into a blessing. PTL!   … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Tell Me a Story


Five Minute Friday: When we take one word and write for five minutes. Where will that word lead? This week: TELL Ready . . . Set . . . GO! Tell me a story I hear those words often. I tell stories for a living. I become the story. My voice, movement and costume embrace character and plot. Planted on a stage. There are plenty of … [Read more...]

As Little Children: Wounded & Abused

children, 1 John 4:4

Welcome to August 2014 "In Word & Image" at The Writer's Reverie! Each week I explore monthly themes using Scripture combined with a visual and a devotional thought! Ruminate with me. Be inspired in your heart. Be captivated by His beauty. Be enriched in the timeless treasury of His gifts. Be challenged to go forth with purpose and … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Fill

sand art, VBS, writers reverie, Philippians 1:11

I came into the Five Minute Friday realms towards the end of founder, Lisa Jo Baker's reign. She's passed the torch to Kate Motaung at Heading Home and the party is still on! The writing prompt is given Thursday evenings at 10:00pm and participant bloggers free write on the topic for five minutes - then post. Gah! Without editing?? That's a … [Read more...]

Kid Lit: “I Want to Read Too!”

bob books

It's time to be getting the kids ready to go back to school. In some states school is already in session this first week of August! Whether your kids are in public, private, Christian or enjoying the homeschool experience, the littlest ones often feel left out when big brother and sister get all the back-to-school attention. They want to go to … [Read more...]

As Little Children: Humble

Luke 18:17, the writers reverie, children

Welcome to "In Word & Image" at The Writer's Reverie! Each week I explore monthly themes using Scripture combined with unique visuals and a devotional thought! Ruminate with me. Be inspired in your heart. Be captivated by His beauty. Be enriched in the timeless treasury of His gifts. Be challenged to go forth with purpose and live … [Read more...]

Writer’s Blog Hop & New Pen Friends

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Enthusiastically Dawn sent me a characteristically enthusiastic invitation a couple of weeks ago. I was honored that she thought of ME.  She thought I'd be game for an intriguing blog hop for writers: to encourage, inspire and introduce us, one to another, with answers to four questions on our writing life, and our introduction of three blog … [Read more...]

Writing His Answer with Great Joy!

writers reverie, Cairn University, GPCWC, clock

July is past and August upon us! How I anticipated this time - AFTER my time at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference on the beautiful campus of Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Marlene Bagnull has been coordinating writer's conferences for 31 years and her tireless efforts to encourage and equip writers to "Write His … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #4

ATBB link up button

Summer is swiftly passing! So swiftly, in fact, that June buzzed right by without an All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up! That was the week I had been swept away with grand-girl adventures in New England which I detailed in this post:   Ain't she sweet? So, please forgive me that I was a bit distracted with such a … [Read more...]

Just an Old-Fashioned Birthday


These days, when someone is having a birthday, we get a notification on Facebook to send them a birthday wish. The recipient is inundated with multitudes of good wishes - simply type and press enter! There are still those of us who prefer an old-fashioned birthday with visuals, thank you. As for me, I went to my favorite vintage postcard … [Read more...]

Martha Washington in Bloom


Preparing for the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference this month has me remiss in Blogland. I am barely lurking and only posting once a week. Thanks, Lisa Jo, for the Five Minute Friday writing prompt! The word for the week is BLOOM. Ha! Great word! This week was my monthly gig at The Garden Center @ Seper's Nursery where I … [Read more...]

Cat Talk: You Don’t Belong There

cat quote

Five Minute Friday writing prompt: BELONG "You don't belong there." I say to my cat, sweeping him gently off the counter. "You don't belong there!" I shout at my cat, knocking him swiftly off the manuscript papers I just spent hours organizing on my desk. "You don't belong there . . . " I sigh to my cat as I painstakingly pull him from … [Read more...]

Five-Minute Fridays: Pounding Imperfection

nikpromo origiinal

Five-Minute Friday brings the challenge of the word, EXHALE. Ready - Set - Go: Pushing . . . pounding . . . pressure. Her hands whirled over my back with rhythmic furor. And, all I was called to do was to just lay there. Prostrate. Motionless. Allowing her trained fingers, knuckles and fists to do their work. Breaking my knots. … [Read more...]

Patriotic Banner for the 4th!

july 4th vintage graphicsfairy009a

Strike up the band! We're celebrating 238 years since the historic signing of our nation's Declaration of Independence! I am ever reminded of the providential hand of God in the establishment of our nation and love to re-read some of the stirring and inspiring primary source documentations of what was in the mind and heart of this historic … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Historic 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July 2014! I never tire of the historical record on this topic - so many amazing documented words left to posterity for us to KNOW the minds and purposes of our Founding Fathers.  It always amazes me to see how contemporary spin doctors want to twist their words to match the seemingly prevailing departure from the bold efforts … [Read more...]

Master Builder Anniversary Reflections


"To the rest of the country, New England has always stood in much the same relation as England has to America -- that of spiritual homeland and mother country."  B.A. Botkin, author of A Treasury of New England Folklore It's July and New England is heavy on my mind. This is a big anniversary month in my life - much of which is connected to New … [Read more...]

Patriotic Colors for Teatime


I love 4th of July week! It's the time of year when I take great joy in decking my halls in all things Patriotic Red, White and Blue! Not the least of which is a teatime vignette on the dining room library table with some of my blue and white china - specifically the Liberty Blue series. I love this set and collect bits and pieces as I … [Read more...]

New England Travel Journal 2014


One of my favorite things to do each year is taking a vacation to visit my son and his family - and that grand-girl of mine, little Mackenzie Joy! Ed and I drove north some six hours and arrived with hugs and kisses all around and much anticipation for making memories and family fun. Our first day involved some round the house fun as we … [Read more...]

Grand-Girl in the Pink!


I know it's time to parade my Patriotic Pinks this week, but they shall have to wait til the 4th of July Pink Saturday Weekend proper. I've been traveling to patriotic New England - John and Abigail Adams and Paul Revere country - on my bi-annual trip to visit my son and his family. Precious memories are pressed into my heart and plenty of images … [Read more...]

Official Twitter-Bug!


Just a note to announce and make it official: Yes - I made the leap into another social media platform and am now tweeting and twittering with the rest of you. I do hope you'll follow me! It has been a decision long in coming. I had to learn how to use it, first. That's where Adrienne came in - my dear friend who is a social media coach … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Ruth is Lost!

Rosie Aldridge (Ruth), The Pirates of Penzance. Scottish Opera, D’Oyly Carte. Credit KK Dundas

Blessings all! It's 5-Minute Friday and I'm tasked with Lisa Jo's word for this week: LOST Hmmmm . . . this old musical comedy queen found herself speaking out that word with the horror and alarm of a character in one of my favorite stage plays. Ergo my five minute writing rumination, thus: "Lost! Lost! LOST!" Ruth cries out when her deception … [Read more...]

My Return to Loveliness


Well, I signed off for a week about a week ago when I was on retreat at the LYFE Conference and I'm barely back home and unpacked - when I'll be packing again to leave this week for our annual vacation stay with my son and his precious family in New England! That means - yes - there WILL be copious quantities of photos forthcoming of my little … [Read more...]

Seashore Days with Dad

dress whites

My father was always a lover of the sea-faring life. He looks back upon his days in the Navy during and after WWII with great fondness. The sun porch walls and decor in the home where I grew up - where he still lives - is bedecked with nautical goods and framed reminders of the ship upon which he served, the USS Hermitage, and other seaworthy … [Read more...]