Martha Washington in Bloom


Preparing for the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference this month has me remiss in Blogland. I am barely lurking and only posting once a week. Thanks, Lisa Jo, for the Five Minute Friday writing prompt! The word for the week is BLOOM. Ha! Great word! This week was my monthly gig at The Garden Center @ Seper's Nursery where I … [Read more...]

Cat Talk: You Don’t Belong There

cat quote

Five Minute Friday writing prompt: BELONG "You don't belong there." I say to my cat, sweeping him gently off the counter. "You don't belong there!" I shout at my cat, knocking him swiftly off the manuscript papers I just spent hours organizing on my desk. "You don't belong there . . . " I sigh to my cat as I painstakingly pull him from … [Read more...]

Five-Minute Fridays: Pounding Imperfection

nikpromo origiinal

Five-Minute Friday brings the challenge of the word, EXHALE. Ready - Set - Go: Pushing . . . pounding . . . pressure. Her hands whirled over my back with rhythmic furor. And, all I was called to do was to just lay there. Prostrate. Motionless. Allowing her trained fingers, knuckles and fists to do their work. Breaking my knots. … [Read more...]

Patriotic Banner for the 4th!

july 4th vintage graphicsfairy009a

Strike up the band! We're celebrating 238 years since the historic signing of our nation's Declaration of Independence! I am ever reminded of the providential hand of God in the establishment of our nation and love to re-read some of the stirring and inspiring primary source documentations of what was in the mind and heart of this historic … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Historic 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July 2014! I never tire of the historical record on this topic - so many amazing documented words left to posterity for us to KNOW the minds and purposes of our Founding Fathers.  It always amazes me to see how contemporary spin doctors want to twist their words to match the seemingly prevailing departure from the bold efforts … [Read more...]

Master Builder Anniversary Reflections


"To the rest of the country, New England has always stood in much the same relation as England has to America -- that of spiritual homeland and mother country."  B.A. Botkin, author of A Treasury of New England Folklore It's July and New England is heavy on my mind. This is a big anniversary month in my life - much of which is connected to New … [Read more...]

Patriotic Colors for Teatime


I love 4th of July week! It's the time of year when I take great joy in decking my halls in all things Patriotic Red, White and Blue! Not the least of which is a teatime vignette on the dining room library table with some of my blue and white china - specifically the Liberty Blue series. I love this set and collect bits and pieces as I … [Read more...]

New England Travel Journal 2014


One of my favorite things to do each year is taking a vacation to visit my son and his family - and that grand-girl of mine, little Mackenzie Joy! Ed and I drove north some six hours and arrived with hugs and kisses all around and much anticipation for making memories and family fun. Our first day involved some round the house fun as we … [Read more...]

Grand-Girl in the Pink!


I know it's time to parade my Patriotic Pinks this week, but they shall have to wait til the 4th of July Pink Saturday Weekend proper. I've been traveling to patriotic New England - John and Abigail Adams and Paul Revere country - on my bi-annual trip to visit my son and his family. Precious memories are pressed into my heart and plenty of images … [Read more...]

Official Twitter-Bug!


Just a note to announce and make it official: Yes - I made the leap into another social media platform and am now tweeting and twittering with the rest of you. I do hope you'll follow me! It has been a decision long in coming. I had to learn how to use it, first. That's where Adrienne came in - my dear friend who is a social media coach … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Ruth is Lost!

Rosie Aldridge (Ruth), The Pirates of Penzance. Scottish Opera, D’Oyly Carte. Credit KK Dundas

Blessings all! It's 5-Minute Friday and I'm tasked with Lisa Jo's word for this week: LOST Hmmmm . . . this old musical comedy queen found herself speaking out that word with the horror and alarm of a character in one of my favorite stage plays. Ergo my five minute writing rumination, thus: "Lost! Lost! LOST!" Ruth cries out when her deception … [Read more...]

My Return to Loveliness


Well, I signed off for a week about a week ago when I was on retreat at the LYFE Conference and I'm barely back home and unpacked - when I'll be packing again to leave this week for our annual vacation stay with my son and his precious family in New England! That means - yes - there WILL be copious quantities of photos forthcoming of my little … [Read more...]

Seashore Days with Dad

dress whites

My father was always a lover of the sea-faring life. He looks back upon his days in the Navy during and after WWII with great fondness. The sun porch walls and decor in the home where I grew up - where he still lives - is bedecked with nautical goods and framed reminders of the ship upon which he served, the USS Hermitage, and other seaworthy … [Read more...]

Retreat and Breathe: Part 2


My pen was rarely still at the LYFE Conference last weekend on the mountain landscaped campus of Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. #lyfeconf In PART 1 of my RETREAT AND BREATHE recap, I set the stage and shared a little about some of the people and features of the 2.5 day conference. We met Carole Wolaver, The Pottery Lady, … [Read more...]

Retreat and Breathe: Part 1


I left with far too much undone. There were bank statements to balance, special orders to fill, blog posts to write, manuscripts to prepare and - worst of all - my office and sewing room were filled to the gills with bins and piles of prospective vintage Etsy items and vendor displays screaming for my attention. Now - I love a good hat and I … [Read more...]

Taking a Break to Breathe

head shot breathe

I am a great believer in breathing. Life happens when you remain consistent with the discipline. Inhale. Exhale. Consider and ponder . . . In much the same way, LYFE is happening again this year, adopting the theme "Breathe" at the annual LYFE Women's Conference. Two intense days of Worship, Bible Study and Practical Application Workshops … [Read more...]

Sligo-Bound Winner’s Cup & Teacups


I spend two delightful hours each week working with eleven year old Haley Richardson, on her blog at Tuneful Journeys. She details her busy young life playing gigs and competitions as a Irish fiddler, having played with some of the biggest names in Irish folk music like John Whelan and The Chieftains. On this particular Tuesday morning, I am … [Read more...]

All Things Bright and Beautiful Link-up #3

ATBB link up button

Happy Memorial Day Week to you all! A beautiful sunny day today with perfect temperatures! I hope you're enjoying our springtime joys of late. Our garden came to life this past week when we planted six new red knock-out rose bushes which have completely transformed the whole look! I'll be capturing those details in an upcoming post - which just … [Read more...]

Decoration Day


Blessings on Decoration Day to you! What we call Memorial Day originated immediately after the Civil War when local communities decorated the the graves of their war dead. In 1868, General John A. Logan, leader of a Northern Civil War veteran's organization presided over the first official national Decoration Day at Arlington National Cemetery. … [Read more...]

Pink Posies for a Pink Saturday Salute

pink saturday collage

It's been six years since our Beverly ventured into the realms of blog linky parties - and I, for one, have been so blessed that she blazed such a trail. Three years ago I joined the fray and through Bev and Pink Saturday came to know so many lovely ladies and kindred spirits celebrating my motto of "all good things and beauty!" So, here's … [Read more...]

Note Cards in May


April Showers brought May Flowers ~ the loveliest of images to grace a feminine note card collection! The time of the lilacs are past for us in South Jersey. I look so forward to them each year. My purple lilac bush was particularly profuse with succulent blossoms. I took great delight in it - and clipped a couple to share at the table of my … [Read more...]

Festivities and Frills: It Must Be May!


May is always such a busy month for me! I have a number of posts begun - yet left undone because of my many activities this month! So, I'm buzzing by  to post a couple images with promises of the full stories behind them all to come later! I serve on the Board of Directors for a local history preservation and education group, The Friends of … [Read more...]

All My Favorite Things on Mother’s Day

Happy mothers day

When you work for yourself, you're not used to pampering. You wake with a long list of things to accomplish each day - each one dependent on the other thing, and ultimately it will only get done by you. The weeks move ever onward with far too much busy and an over-abundance of details to attend to. So you'll excuse me if Mother's Day crept up … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Meme


It's been ten years since I was able to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. I think of her with every Floral Frill I create - since she was my first teacher in all things creative and crafty. She loved making art projects. I remember she joined a Craft-of-the-Month Club and took great joy in the popular Paint-by-Number kits of the '60's and … [Read more...]

Breakfast with Beatrix


Springtime and gardens green, vibrant with azaleas and lilacs in bloom, means it's time to break out my few cherished Beatrix Potter Wedgewood children's china that I have had since my children were small. Though my son and daughter have both grown and flown some twenty plus years later - I kept the china. They are annual reminders of those … [Read more...]

Dolly & Me Tea: Part 3


Yet let's be merry; we'll have tea and toast; Custards for supper, and an endless host Of syllabubs and jellies and mincepies, And other such ladylike luxuries. ― Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Compete Poems Yes, there were plenty of "ladylike luxuries" being prepared in the Woman's Club of Vineland clubhouse kitchen . . .  In anticipation … [Read more...]

All Things Bright and Beautiful Link-up #2

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Blessings as we bid farewell to April and make room for May! It's time for an "Encore Performance" of your best posts this month at All Things Bright and Beautiful! What have you to share with us this month? All Things Bright and Beautiful @ The Writers Reverie Link posts that illustrate bright and clever ideas that make your world more … [Read more...]

Dolly & Me Tea: Part 2

header dolly

I was going to cover the much anticipated Dolly & Me Tea sponsored by the Woman's Club of Vineland as a Part 1 and Part 2. However, it looks like I will need to make it a trio of teatime goodness and beauty because the event was so amazing - one post to take it all in just would not be sufficient. So - Pink Saturday gets Part 2 and we'll round … [Read more...]

Dolly & Me Tea: Part 1


I know spring is here for sure! I'm getting ready this week for the annual Dolly & Me Tea sponsored by our local Woman's Club of Vineland and can't be more excited!! My friend, June, organizes the event and always does a wonderful job. I am the "tea mistress" to keep things moving along nicely with stories and interactive elements to engage … [Read more...]

Joy in Giving


I do love to receive presents, don't you? But, how much more blessed it is to give than to receive! Bloggers take great joy in this simple truth. Collectively I've found it is one of our favorite things. We look for reasons to host Give-Aways - desiring to reach out to our kindred sisters in Blogland with a little slice of our self that we … [Read more...]