On With the Show – Parable Players Make Headlines!

I’m in the middle of three weeks of major productions!  How I long for a few minutes to review some of my favorite blogs – not to mention write one myself!

Instead, I shall share with you a few photos from our Parable Player production of Vineland Makes Headlines performed by eight of my home school theatre students last week to standing ovations and Certificates of Recognition from our city’s Mayor Robert Romano and the president and founder of the Friends of Historical Vineland, Dr. Frank DeMaio.

I’m so very proud of these young people who charmed their audiences with a plethora of facts and figures about the history of Vineland, New Jersey in this sesquicentennial year of celebrations – all delivered in an energized, entertaining manner!  BRAVO!

Kyleigh Robertson “propels us
into the future” with enthusiasm
for Vineland history!

More laughing at poor Charles Landis and his dream
of a model town. 
Jo Vasquez, Madison Vasquez, and Elena Regalbuto
discuss the latest fashions for an upcoming issue of
the Evening Journal newspaper in 1911 Vineland.

Sean McLoone as newspaper editor, Benjamin Ladd
discusses the need for a banner headline summing
up Vineland history in time for the city celebration.

Dawson Coyle’s Ace Reporter character advises Kyleigh’s
newsie “Two-Bit” on what it takes to be
at the top of the news game!

An impassioned speech by Sean in the guise of
Vineland founder Charles K. Landis.

Dawson’s “Scoop” sets the stage for Vineland’s
founding in 1861 at the start of the Civil War.

Jack and Dawson react to the latest news about
Vineland history!

Wil reads the advertisement for Vineland Land For Sale
by Charles Landis – when the rest of the country was
at war tearing things down, Landis was dreaming
of building UP a town  of community and people!

Wil delivers one of his laugh lines –

The ladies of the Evening Journal discuss the
many issues women faced in the 1800’s in Vineland.

Kyleigh models the trousers some women wore to
protest for Dress Reform – some even spending time in
jail for wearing them in public on Landis Avenue
in Vineland!

Jo models a 19th century bonnet.

Madison shows off an Edwardian style hat
on model, Kyleigh.

“And, don’t forget the corsets!”

Women voting in Vineland? 
Jo &Elena show how that’s just what
happened 50 years before they won
the right to vote nationwide!

Sean & Dawson make an emphatic point about
Vineland History Makers like YOU!

Mayor of Vineland, Bob Romano, was on hand to present
the cast with Certificates of recognition for contributing
to the education of the community on hometown history.

Dr. Frank DeMaio, President and Founder of the
Friends of Historic Vineland presented the cast
with certificates thanking them for their efforts
to preserve and teach Vineland history.
Miss Kathy presented each cast member
with the traditional BRAVO! Award, and
an official Vineland Sesquicentennial

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