Tea and Sanctuary

Coming to the end of a hectic school year, I am ready for retreat.  Sadly the three months or so I’d like to spend in solace and reverential reflection in a cozy thatched roof cottage somewhere in the middle of an idyllic English countryside village – will not be forthcoming.

Not to fear – I have learned the art of creating sanctuary.  A cozy corner by an open window overlooking the front wildflower garden will do nicely in a pinch.  My morning devotions start the day – I like the New Living Translation of the One Year Bible – followed by my newest habit of visiting the delightful company of blogs I am accumulating since stepping into the world of blog just three months ago.  I revel in the many kindred spirits I meet there.

So, Bible, blogs . . . what might be the next ingredient for starting my day in a place of rest and renewal?

“Get out your best teapot, and the prettiest cup and saucer you own.  
Sit down with your favorite Jane Austen book and enjoy.”  
Kim Wilson, Tea with Jane Austen

Currently, I am reading my newest acquisition – the most complete collection of Jane Austen writings – purportedly every word she ever wrote from girlhood through womanhood – downloaded onto my Nook Color.  With the touch of my finger, I set the Pandora app to my Baroque station and set my floral tea cup within easy arm’s reach along with my own recipe for gluten free tea bread (forthcoming in a future post).

Sip.  Read.  Watch the birds.  Watch my cats watching the birds.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough 
or a book long enough 
to suit me.”  
C.S. Lewis

Sip.  Read.  Reflect.  Ruminate.  Renew.

Tea does our fancy aid,
Repress those vapors which the head invade
       And keeps that palace of the soul serene.         
Edmund Waller

Stillness washes over me –
     God is on His throne.
Daily buffets though there be –
     Tea and sanctu’ry is Home.

Be blessed, all, and be a blessing!

This is my debut post for Tea Time Tuesday at Sandi’s Rose Chintz Cottage!
Photo by VioletBrown Photography



  1. Hello my new blogging friend,
    Thanks so much for joining me for Tea Time. I enjoyed your poetry and sentiments. It’s lovely having you and I look forward to seeing your gluten free bread recipe sometime soon. Have a wonderful week.


  2. It’s wonderful that you can create a peaceful retreat, and find refreshment and be soothed by your readings, blogging friends, simple things and tea! Your deserve it after the very busy time you’ve had lately! I’ll have a cup too, and think of you. Blessings and peace! Linda

  3. What a lovely post! :)

    I, too, am a tea lover. I have hosted afternoon teas and high teas with all the trimmings…they sure are fun to do but tiring :(

    Thank you for stopping by the cottage and leaving such a lovely comment of encouragement.

  4. How lovely!
    I so enjoyed your poetic verse and the gentle grace in this post!
    I also firmly believe that home should be our ‘sanctuary’.
    I’m so glad you have entered the blogging world – you will find many lovely friends and you will be a blessing to them as well!
    grace & joy in Jesus..Trish

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