Blue Blessings

Just a little Blue Blessing to share on Blue Monday at Smiling Sally’s!  Been busy and haven’t caught up with my blues this summer – but just had to share this sapphire gem of my grand-baby’s first birthday photo-shoot!

Mommy and Daddy took her to Sears Photo’s Studio and they did a wonderful job!  I love the digital magic they make now – not your mother’s Sear’s Photo Studio anymore!

Mackenzie Joy was born three months early last year but, thanks to the faithfulness and healing hand of God, she is thriving today as we celebrate her first birthday this month!  To hear her full inspirational story, visit my weekend post I wrote, The Making of Miracles, for the Miracle Makeover fundraiser.  

Happy Birthday, Kenzie!  JOY!



  1. Cute!

    My Blue Monday is here.

  2. How sweet is she? Is she from your side of the family? Adorable pic and yes, I know, not the photos of our day, huh?

  3. Yes! Let us know when you might be traveling here…we have to schedule or work at the antique booth two months in advance and we have to work on Saturdays. We’ll put it on the calendar!

  4. Those eyes! So blue and with beautiful, long lashes.

    Buttons are a busting and they should be.
    Her birth is a Love Story.

  5. Best wishes to you and this precious child.

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