Blue Skies Seem Blue-er

Sharing the beautiful blue sky that opened onto us just hours after Hurricane Irene left our South Jersey landscape – leaving us a good deal wetter and weary than before she had come. 

Isn’t it amazing how there are such grand blessings that follow great trials?  Consider . . . childbirth – then you see your precious baby . . . final exams after hard study and the resulting A+ . . . stronger heart and limbs after strenuous workouts in the gym . . . successful opening night after three months of grueling rehearsals . . . vibrant blue skies after the storm . . .

Get the picture . . . worth a thousand words . . .

Joy in the morning!

Sharing my blue sky with Smiling Sally on Blue Monday!



  1. I’m so glad you’re OK! And yes, I agree — we always watch for the blessings that are sure to follow after difficulties. Bless you!


  2. Thanks for sharing your blue sky and inspirational words.

    Happy Blue Monday, Kathy.

  3. It looks as if the trees are pulled up into the sky by a magnetic solar!

  4. Oh yes, it was so beautiful…and the sky last night was stunning!


  5. Beautiful ski. I noticed the feather pin in the banner. Love to write with a feather pin.Nice blog.

  6. Glad you weathered the storm and came out on the other side with blue skies!
    Sunday’s sunshine did seem all the brighter after Saturday’s storm!

  7. Beautiful shot, glad you got passed by with the storm.

  8. Lovely blue!

    Late visiting for BM, here’s my Blue post. Have a great day!

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