Tea for the Queen

Last week I introduced you to the “Ab Fab” new tea shop just opened nearby!  We all drooled over the proprietress’ mosaic tea pots and the unnumbered teacups and saucers and all things British on display shelves and fanciful table settings.

Well, this week, I’m staying with the All Things British theme and sharing this teacup find of mine that I picked up the same weekend over in Mullica Hill – a town about 45 minutes away, steeped in Victorian houses and antique shops!  A favorite little shop of mine greeted me with this beauty as I walked through the door on a perfectly lovely Sunday afternoon:

Wow!  No question on the age of this lovely little teacup and saucer!  Dated for all to see in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne in 1953, this sweet bit is brilliant in all my favorite color combinations!

I just love the formal look and how all the scroll-work is of such an ancient design – traditional – royal!   Front and back bear royal insignia . . .

And a very interesting little motto adorns the interior.

Then, the saucer in and of itself is a work of art!

Marked well for posterity . . .

I have pared it in a setting with a ceramic box – another commemorative piece – that I bought for my mother some 28 years ago at a little antique shop in Ballston Spa, New York.

I got it for her birthday that year.  After she went on to be with the Lord seven years ago, Dad wanted us girls to take what we chose to from her curio cabinet.  Of course, I wanted to keep this.  It reminds me of mother – who was an Anglophile from day one – and passed her love of all things British and teatime onto me!

Again – you see royal designs front and back . . .

And on the lid . . .

Trimmed in gold, with the Queens sepia toned portrait photograph.

Perhaps just the thing to keep biscuits in by the bedside as you sip your evening tea at the close of the day.

God save the Queen – and all things that make for the joys of jubilant teatimes – including a trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for teatime with Shakespeare and Good Queen Bess!  Click HERE to continue our British teatime on a BONUS TEA POST this week!!

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  1. Hi Kathryn,

    Your teacup and saucer are absolute treasures!! I can’t tell you how I would love to have one of those. I’m so pleased you found them because of your interest in all things British! Your ceramic box is beautiful as well. If you don’t mind my saying, it looks like it could be a tea caddy. I have a ceramic tea caddy that I found at a local antique shop years ago. It is six-sided, and and three of the sides have a different John Constable paintings (reproductions of course). The bottom says “Made especially for R. Twining & Co., Ltd., by Burgess and Leigh, Ltd.” I always get excited when I see things like this on Antique Road Show, so I looked it up online, and apparently Twinings Tea Company commissioned a fairly large number of these to be made, so I don’t think it’s terribly valuable. But I like it.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful treasures. I believe we have some common interests in that area 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week!



  2. What a perfect remembrance of your mother! I say, just perfect.

    Love your teacups, Kathy – they are each so unique, with a personality all their own. I really look forward to your teas. They *brew* in me an *aroma* of sweet peace.


  3. Good evening Miss Kathy,
    Your teacup of choice today is splendid! I love the ceramic biscuit box you gave your mother and is now in your possession. Both tea things are lovely and I’m sure; priceless. Thank you for sharing them with us today and I wish for you a delightful week.

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. What a strikingly beautiful design in that teacup! I’ve never seen this cup before, or the coveered jar. Perhaps next week I will be able to share my royal commemorative cups featuring ERII.

  5. Growing up singing ‘God Save the Queen’ at school made most women my age very interested in the monarchy. I don’t have the same passion as I used to for following ‘the royals’ but still get a little tug when someone is featured on a magazine. (I have a whole box of ‘Diana memorabilia’)
    I can see why these items and the taking of tea have cherished memories for you. Hopefully the next generation will realize their significance and continue to pass them on.

  6. Such gorgeous pieces! Good finds… now I feel like having some scones. LOL

  7. Hi Kathy, just to let you know…the coronation box is a tea caddy! Made to hold loose tea leaves, and a real treasure. And I love the coronation teacup. It’s a beauty!

  8. Wow, what a special cup…it is so handsome and I also love these jewel tone colors! How nice that the saucer is just as ornate. This has me thinking…are there any teacups that commemorate our Presidents? I don’t think I have seen any. The ceramic box is such a nice keepsake too. Your Sunday visit sounds fun and biscuits on the nightstand would be perfect next to a fat candle, book and a cuppa! xoxo

  9. Your Royal cup and pot are just lovely. So nice to have the lovely memories of your mother too. xx

  10. Wow! That’s a very impressive cup and saucer. The details and designs are very attractive. You were quite fortunate to find such a beautiful treasure!

    The container which displays a picture of the queen is also very royal looking. Your mother certainly had good taste! 🙂

    Beautiful treasures! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Hello Kathy,
    you own really an outstanding collection of Royal items. This is intersting as I have never seen them before.
    Thank you for sharing this beauties.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. I have seen similar examples of the tea caddy, which is lovely. The design must have been one of the approved ones, as I have it on a tea pot!

    I love the cup and saucer – full of colour and in reflection, it sums up the hope of a new monarch. 2012 is the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen and I wonder if she looks back over her reign and compares it to other monarchs what she thinks. She has certainly seen some amazing changes in her 60 years on the throne. She is only the second Monarch to have reached a Diamond Jubilee, the first was Queen Victoria.

  13. What a beautiful treasure to own. Sipping tea from this cup would make for a perfect day..

  14. Truly lovely post! I do love commemorative china, and your cup is one of the most gorgeous designs I have ever seen. The inscription on the inner rim is unique and fabulous! The biscuit jar is also a real treasure. Together they make a lovely pair. How lovely to have tea with these!

  15. Oh Kathy, I love your commemorative tea cup and saucer! I HAVE told you I’m an Anglophile, haven’t I?? Such a lovely way to remember your mother, too. P.S. Thanks for your comment on my antique baby carriage post. They would be perfect for holding teddy bears and dolls!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. what a neat teacup for your collection – how royal!! HA! I love the message on the inside of the cup. I wonder what people think when they design these cups and the placement of the flowers etc…that would be cool to know! Have a super week. great post.

  17. What a beautiful cup and saucer! Having tea with it, would be lovely 🙂


  18. Kathy,

    That teacup is a keeper! I used to collect books and other Royal Family memorabilia. The teacup is beautiful and the detail very special. Next year is her 60th anniversary on the throne as she became queen February 6, 1952 when her father died. Her coronation was as you know in 1953 on June 2nd.

    Great find!


  19. 1953 was a very good year and June was the best month of all ;-D
    Kathy your teacup is beautiful!
    Such a pretty shape and colour for a coronation cup.
    I enjoy the mementos of British Royals and this design is really lovely.
    Particularly the inscription inside the cup.
    The caddy is wonderful too!
    And so very special.
    You must have beautiful memories of your mother attatched to that lovely piece.
    A setting fit for the Queen..who is currently visiting us Aussies as we speak 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to LACE, my friend.
    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

  20. Well it looks like such a special time. The tea cup is simply beautiful. I love seeing all the beautiful things you share — beautiful like you!

  21. Your cup and saucer is a wonderful find.Congratulations…..
    A lovely addition to your collection.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  22. Such a lovely post commemorating a beautiful teacup with such sentimental history. I too am a fan! I think it is so lovely that you are able to treasure such a beautiful item that connects you with your mother and your shared passions. Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  23. Oh Miss Kathy, this is just one of the most wonderful Queen teacups I have ever seen! WOW WOW WOW. I collect them too and have never seen one like yours. I just can’t wait to visit your blog each week! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You are a delight.
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for your visits to my blog.
    Lady Linda

  24. Miss Kathy, what a beautiful blog! Lovely posting. Lovely teacup photos!

    My first time visit… it was a delight to ‘meet’ you. I see you have lots of interesting things that make me want to come and stay longer next time.

    So until then…. here’s wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places!

  25. Beautiful treasures!! Love all the detail work on each piece! xo HHL

  26. Lovely!

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