And, the Winner is . . . ME!!


Won another giveaway.

That’s what happens when you enter them all.

This time it was our own dear Creative Carmelina!!

She of the Pink Lacey Ladies – a memorable September post of mine!!

What a lovely October prize to be had this time from Carmelina!!

She does these “Flash Give-Aways” where one day, as strikes her fancy, she photographs a little hand-made treasure and posts it up as a prize that day – one day only – winner determined from the comments received.  Here’s the thing – you can comment as many times as you’d like! 

Well, for a Chatty Kathy like me, that’s a good thing.  Because, I can always come up with comment on one topic or another.

And, I did – unnumbered times.

Still don’t know how many times I posted a comment rambling on about some random silliness.  It just got to be fun and I was enjoying myself.  Not surprising then, that my name was easily pulled with so many chances in the pot!

Promise!  I won’t hog the pot again.

So, if you’ve at all paid any attention to the above posted photos of Carmelina’s artistic brilliance that is decidedly in my possession – to my unbounded delight – complemented with just the right paper background from my collection – you will note (poorly lit as the photo below is) what a perfect addition her work is on the wall in my own office/studio – where inspiration happens!

Because – if inspiration doesn’t happen,
I’m a writer without reverie,
And, a blog without a post!

LOVE every inch of this lovely fabric postcard!!

And, a sweet pouch of inspiration holding precious buttons and ribbon roses! 

And, vintage bicycle and bow – where will my imagination go . . . now?!

Thanks, Carmelina!!!!  Bless you in all good things and beauty!!

Sharing today with Trish’s Simple Joys at Lily-Rose Cottage.


  1. That is AMAZING! I love how Christ-centered and beautifully creative that is!

    Her taste and style is very similar to mine:)

  2. Lucky you, the prize is very nice,I’ll just pop over there and have a peak. xx

  3. I

  4. Am

  5. So

  6. Happy

  7. 4 you!

    It looks terrific in your home!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  8. Touche, Carmelina!! That was really funny!

    Hey, Congrats Kathy! And the prize you won is just perfect for you! Can’t wait to see what your little inspired mind comes up with…


  9. Congratulations Kathy!!
    What a lovely prize to win!
    You’ve used the materials beautifully – your creation looks fabulous :-)
    I love how it honours the Lord through the script on the paper background.
    A very lovely piece of wall art indeed!
    Thanks for linking up and sharing your joy with us today, my friend.
    God bless you..Trish

  10. Congratulations! :)


  11. How wonderful! Congrats on this fabulous win!

  12. Congratulations, it’s so much fun to win something. I can see why you were making so many comments. ~ Abby

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