Wishing I had written this . . .

“The Bible tells us that we are God’s masterpiece (Greek poiema); not only creatures, but His creations.  His poems (Ephesians 2:10).  We are living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:3).  And so, our lives are meant to be listened to, because it is God who is speaking into, and out of, and through them, through the parable of each day, the symphony of the years, and the masterpiece of a lifetime.   If He is speaking through our lives, then nothing else matters but listening to Him.”
Michael Card, Introductory Notes to POIEMA CD

“If He is speaking through our lives, then nothing else matters but listening to Him.”
Hmmmm . . .  selah . . .

In light of the above, I CAN take credit for writing this . . .

“Lord, may I truly comprehend Your Word in my life, and cause me to walk in decision and anointed action.”
Sharing my Poeima today with:
Laura at Brag on God Friday at Beholding Glory
Charlotte at Spiritual Sundays


  1. Amen. Amen.

    Ephesians 2:10 happens to be my very favorite and life verse, and it is largely because this poetry lover loves the idea of being God’s own poem.

    And a masterpiece at that!

  2. “Our lives are meant to be listened to.” Beautiful. I pray that my life is saying good things about the Father.

  3. Speaking through my life. A beautiful thought — I hope I’m listening. Sometimes life drowns out those soft whispers.

  4. Dear Kathryn,
    I love your beautiful and inspiring blogspot! I’m so glad the Lord allowed us to meet through Tea Lover’s Corner. I will be visiting here often! God bless you, Anne

  5. Beautiful and true.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Oh Lord, our Creator,
    How we love You!


  6. Parable, symphony, masterpiece…May each of these pieces of my life, be pleasurable to the Storyteller, Conductor and Artist of my soul.
    And I submit to how, where and when you want to show up through me, Father.
    Thanks for passing this on and for your thoughts, Kathryn.

  7. This is truly beautiful. I wish I had written it too. I’m glad you shared it with us, Miss Kathy.

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