Pink Antiques

Off to the Antique show today at the local arts & cultural center, and on the look-out for a Mary Poppins style carpet-bag.  Came away without the carpetbag – but, not a few treasures, to be sure!  Stay tuned in upcoming teatime posts for more on that!

However, for my pinks today, a few pink antiques that made me smile.

I always think of my mom when I see lady shoes like this.  She loved shoes . . .

A stylish lady . . .

A bathing lady – drowning, it would seem – in rose petals . . .

A tea lady . . .

Glassware for days . . .

Floods and floods of china and ceramics . . .

Quilts to keep you cozy . . .

Useful gadgets from yesteryear . . .

And, a whimsical character or two keeping the child in your heart alive.

Not to mention a PINK IDEA or two for re-purposing vintage finds . . .

Happy Pink Saturday!

Sharing my Pink Antiques today with Beverly on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.



  1. Happy Pink Saturday Kathryn, Thanks for sharing all those lovely pinks. I keep thinking about the Mary Poppins carpet bag and all the things she kept inside. My favorite was the floor lamp. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  2. Very very cute Pinks!! Happy Pink Saturday :-)

    Jocelyn @

  3. I love those pink striped glasses! Fun things!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Kathy.

    Wow! That was a great show. I wonder if that is a Blue Ridge Pottery plate in the photo eleven up from the bottom. It just might have had to come home with me.

  5. All the pinks spectacular, I so love that little pink character. Happy Pink Sat.

  6. i do love your array of pink antique finds! your blog is awesome! happy pink saturday! xo

  7. Dearest Miss Kathy, what a very fin assortment of pink treasures! I love antique shows and this one looks like a winner. I adore the quilt on the table…just beautiful. Such fun PINK items. Thanks for sharing.
    How is our daughter feeling?
    Much love, Linda

  8. Happy Pink Saturday….looks like some charming finds :)

  9. Since I’m a vintage dish nut and a pink freak, every one of those dishes were squeal worthy. (Especially the glassware shaped like baskets…love that.)

    The pink lady with the rosey cheeks reminds me of pictures that I have seen of my great grandmother. I never knew her. She was from what is now the Czech Republic.

  10. Ooooooh my, you are quite right! A bevvy (sp?) of oooh la la things for Bella Rosa. I certainly missed a good one. It was good though to recoop from my past week. Even though I was not the one who had surgery, I was wiped out!

    Thank you for sharing your pink antiques!

  11. Hi Kathy~
    Thank you so much for all you shared on Charles Dickens! I love your knowledge!! I wish that I could sit at your feet and listen to you tell stories – I know it is magnificent. On my Amazon wish list I have put down which Dickens book it is – I think it is the latter that you talked about. Now, I will have to get it. I am inspired…once again. =0)

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