Change of Tea Plan

Well, it was Tuesday morning and I had just finished my daily devotional reads and a quick march through the local newspaper.  I needed to get my day in gear – lunchtime would be approaching and I had yet to get my tea post photos posed!

I was looking forward to tea this morning with an exciting find!  This Ridgeway Staffordshire cup and saucer in the Windsor green pattern that I’d begun to collect back in November.

At the time, I’d found a lovely set of dishes in the pattern that was immediately all things Autumn to me – but, with the right accessories – could be all things Spring, too!  Initially, I found only a set of seven dinner plates and six bread plates.  Enough to be going on with for Thanksgiving . . .

But, don’t you know my heart skipped a beat when I found a lone cup and saucer thrifting recently for a bargain price!

I really love the bird motif and the shape strikes me as modern vintage – if that makes any sense.

Paired with a bread dish and my blueberry stuffed gluten free mini-muffins . . .

I was just about to go in one direction with my tea post today when . . .


A delightful change of direction and tea plans was serendipitously on my doorstep!  It was Ed’s Uncle Rick and Aunt Cathy who were visiting in the area – and, dropped by with a surprise.  A gift bag filled with 8mm films of the family from the 1950s and 1960’s!

Stock photo.  Sorry.

And, don’t you know that I can kick myself for NOT getting a picture of those old tins sprawled all over my dining room table!  However, a shout out to our own Jillian from Bella Rosa Antiquesthere were a couple of tins marked with your family’s names that I KNOW you’ll want!  Be in touch on that!

Jillian, and my hubby, Ed, are cousins – and, my occasional partner in antique hunting . . .

Anyway – Uncle Rick and Aunt Cathy and I were discussing how to convert the films to DVD, and I suggested going downtown to the one shop I knew would have an answer – they do a lot of CD and DVD transfer work.  Our visit to said shop gave us the information we needed.  We’ll see what develops on that score . . .

But, what was really great about this field trip is that this DVD transfer shop is right across the street from the most delightful bakery – The Sweet Life!  Jill and Steve Wilson are the owners and a talented pair of pastry chefs and bakers – pictured here with their son, and, a grand vintage cash register in the foreground!

Just look at Jill’s latest magnificent creation – a Steampunk Alice in Wonderland cake:

And, for something a little more formal:

Postcard pictures of their amazing creations are scattered on each of the tables . . .

And, the real deal in the display cases . . .

We ordered lunch from their unique selections including eggplant and hummus panini, asparagus soup, and I had the asparagus/avocado/pear salad – though I had to decline the avocado due to a food allergy.

Sorry.  Stock photo – AGAIN. 

I was so excited to dig in I plum forgot to get shots of luncheon!  What a poor post this is!  It just means that I shall have to go back to The Sweet Life for another grand luncheon and take better pictures!!

Jill is blogging about her baking adventures – do visit her blog at Life is Sweet – and, The Sweet Life is just launching a new business website HERE!

I started by taking some time for tea,
But, how nice a change of plan can be 
When family drops by serendipitously!

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  1. You had a great adventure…the tea cups are wonderful..the field trip that allowed you to also see such wonderful cakes…now how many of us need to convert to DVD, then I think, well about the time I finish that there will be something new.

    You lunch sounds great…fun adventure

  2. Oh my goodness but the bakery looks fab! How fun to have family to shop and wander around with. I have been thinking about figuring how to get slides & photos on CD…still working on it…trying to find something. Thanks for the fun post and for lining with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Hello Kathy,
    Sometimes I feel like there’s a bundle of pictures and thoughts bumping around in my mind that I need to set them to rights and then there’s all the life we’re sharing! Oh, my dad had a 8mm projector – I am not sure who has the film – would love to look at them!
    Your new teacup is truly exquisite!
    Thanks for sharing at A Return to Loveliness,

  4. Hello Kathy,
    Your Ridgeway Stafforshire set is gorgeous! What a detailed pattern. I love the coloring and the etching look to it. I can see why you are excited about this find and your set. I would be too, and you are right, it would work for spring and summer too, with the right colors and accents.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Hi Kathy,
    What a lovely change of plans!!
    Family memories, shopping and a beautiful bakery to have afternoon tea.
    The cakes are wonderful.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  6. Poor post?!?!?! Nuh-unh! I loved it! But now my mouth’s watering!

  7. Good morning Kathy,
    It’s nice to have family pop in like that. We had only one old movie of our children {which was taken when our youngest was an infant} and we had it converted over to video. Now we must get it converted on to DVD. I’m so happy that we can do things like that nowadays!

    Your teacup is very pretty with its scalloped edge and lovely colours. Indeed, it would be suitable for each season.
    The Alice in Wonderland cake is amazing! What a work of art it is! Thanks for sharing this with us and joining me for tea.


  8. Well, a nice bit of serendipity there, for sure! And,
    what an amazing looking bakery.

  9. Oh wow! You know I love family history stuff. Can’t wait…. to hear….more…..!!!!!!

  10. Beautiful! You have a lovely blog, and I’m a new follower…♥♥
    So nice to meet you!

  11. Hi Miss Kathy…well, it’s 2:30 am (can’t sleep) and your pix just made me very hungry! How are you doing dear friend? I’ve been keeping you in my prayers. You seem happy.
    Love ya, Linda

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