Wedding Day Teacup

So much to be THANKFUL for this month – and this past week especially!  It was Wedding Week for my beautiful daughter Bethany and my wonderful new “son-in-love” Dan – an elegant and unforgettable affair upon whose cloud I’m still floating!  I’ve been looking forward to this week’s teatime to show off a special teacup I’ve been saving for the occasion – center spotlight in my tea cabinet display!

I found it this past August in an antique shop when we were visiting my grand-baby in New England and just had to have it – a beautiful chintz pattern bouquet of roses aptly named after my daughter – BETHANY:

Showing it off here, complimented by the wedding invitation and photo scrapbook the joyful couple gave me at the rehearsal dinner, filled with an array of their engagement pictures with plenty of room for more!

The cup and saucer immediately catch the eye in elegant shape and design –

Looking very like my daughter’s wedding bouquet boasting jewel encrusted roses in softest pink shades . . .

The wedding colors were actually a deep plum color and seashell white with silver garnishes.  Our photographer, my friend Karyn of VIOLETBROWN Photography, captured everything with great drama –

More of Karyn’s wedding shots can be seen HERE at my Pink Saturday post – including one of yours truly in my beaded midnight blue chiffon dress pinning fleurs on the groomsmen!

Plenty of cameras were clicking, catching all the beauty and fun – especially our flower girl entrance where the matron of honor’s daughter at age nine, drove the specially outfitted “jeep” down the aisle to accommodate the other flower girl of  a more unpredictable bend – grandbaby Mackenzie at all of two years old.

They made it down the aisle with gasps at the unexpected entrance, then giggles of delight, and applause as the sign on the back of the jeep heralded, “Here Comes The Bride”.  A decided success!

The ceremony was joyful – the reception beautiful . . .

The day ended under a crisp starry night and, once home, I melted into a cup of chamomile tea before bed looking forward to sharing a glimpse of this proud mama’s day with all my tea ladies – and this special teacup that will always have a place of honor in my tea cabinet display.

Though daughter and husband will be making their own cozy home not far from mine, it is a bit of a jumble emotionally as I begin to process the “empty nest” thing.  Must admit – quite blindsided by it all.  Tea, however, is always a comfort in such moments . . .

And, as my girl moves out and onto her exciting new home life with the love of her life – I have some new room to spread out into – and re-decorate!  Watch for upcoming posts on the re-purposing of all this new space in the weeks ahead!

But, for now – one last sip of loveliness and memories with much THANKSGIVING before moving on with the day . . .

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Congratulations. All the pictures are magical. Beautiful Bride and Beautiful Family. Grace xoox

  2. Oh how lovely…the wedding, how beautiful, a new empty-nest, may you find your way in this new journey, the tea cup just sets it all off

    Congratulations to the couple, and blessings to the mother of the bride
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Congratulations Bethany and Dan! May they learn and grow in LOVE!
    You must have been very busy lately with a wedding in the works! I am glad it was such a beautiful occasion. Your daughter looks totally beautiful!
    Her name sake cup is lovely. How sweet to have a cup in her name.
    Thank you so much for joining in on such a busy week for you.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple!

    I know that there must be a whirlwind of emotions for you as you settle in to this new chapter in your life. I will be praying for you!

    Hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. Such a beautiful teacup. And couple!! Congratulations. Wishing your and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving 🙂

    Jocelyn @

  6. Sounds like a unique and lovely wedding. I hope they have a wonderful and happy life together. As creative and lively as you are, you are going to LOVE the empty nest…trust me.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving Day, and blessings to you and yours.

  7. Kathryn,

    Your last image is positively smashing. I think you’re getting a “handle” on things, my friend. So thrilled for you all!

    Have a wonderful celebration giving THANKS!

  8. I thought of you so often last week during all the wedding activities, and so enjoyed your facebook photos. These are great additions. I especially love the bouquet and your aptly named teacup find. Providential! Another wonderful remembrance of the special event. Take a deep breath, relax, and…have a cuppa! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…everyday, really for believers, and thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea my dear friend.

  9. What a beautiful daughter you have, Kathy! They make a lovely pair; Bethany and Dan! Congratulations to them both and I wish them many years together growing in love and in God.
    I love your teacup. She’s a beauty and sure to be a favourite to sip tea from. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones and thank you for coming to tea and sharing your special news and teacup.


  10. What a pretty tea cup to hook these beautiful memories to. Empty nests don’t stay empty… they come back to visit & bring other “little ones” with them. Enjoy this stage of life. Each is a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Congratulations to Bethany and Dan. Your Bethany teacup was a wonderful, beautiful find .. the perfect wedding day teacup. Sounds like a fun wedding. I’m enjoying your photos. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Tea Day!

  12. What a lovely, lovely teacup! And for such a beautiful reason!

  13. Oh Kathy, how lovely!
    The blessing of your daughter’s beautiful wedding and finding that very special Bethany cup.
    Cherished moments for you to treasure always!
    You will miss her for sure..I pray the Lord’s rich blessings upon the happy couple, and upon you and Ed as you all re-adjust back at home.
    Life is good and God is gracious!
    bless you, my friend..Trish x

  14. Congratulations on your daughters wedding. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful family and just popped over to Pink Saturday and saw your post there. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. I love your pretty teacup. How sweet to find one with your daughters name! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We have so much to be thankful for!

  15. What an absolutely PERFECT treasure to find. I love that.

    And I loved the kiddies in the car. I don’t know if I mentioned that on the first wedding post.

  16. Beautiful cup and saucer and lovely bridal photos you share! Lovely!

  17. Congratulations! It looks like it was a fairy-tale affair!

    Your daughter and son-in-love look very happy. And you looked like the perfect mother of the bride! Such a lovely day…

    Precious tea cup – beautiful colors.

    Kathy, enjoy this Thanksgiving with your *expanded* family! And I join with you in praising God for the wonderful gift of family and friends…and love.


  18. The wedding photos are gorgeous Kathryn and you have a beautiful daughter.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Hello Kathy,
    Congratulations and blessings to your daughter and her new husband.
    The teacup is beautiful and so special.
    I hope you don’t suffer too much from ’empty nest’ and can enjoy re-doing the empty room.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

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