February Rose Sonnet

Well, readers – yet another month has passed and we are well into winter with all her bizarre thermostatic ups and downs.  Just four days ago – it was 60 degrees here in Southern New Jersey – then the cold winds came and blustered about, swelling freezing temperatures, once again.  This morning – we awoke to a carpet of glorious white draping all and sundry, escorted by a biting cold when the wind doth blow.

Remember last month I poetically introduced you to my “January Rose” HERE?

At the end of my flowery poesy, I predicted that, ere my rose not succumb to its winter hibernation – like all my other rose bushes have sensibly done – it might, in fact, morph into a “February Rose”.

My foresight has been proved – a “February Rose” have I – and a new sonnet to same:

And, so it goes
Now, my February rose
Decidedly froze, 
In the snow
While chill winds blow
Alas! ‘Tis so
No bloom to grow?
No blossom to show?
My hope brought low
Yea – but, though
In God I know
He is not slow
     For redemption to bring
     Ah! Soon the spring . . .
And – Hope Springs Eternal!
Joyful Pink Saturday!

Sharing my February Rose Sonnet with Beverly on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound!

February Rose Sonnet, by Kathryn Ross (c) 2013

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  1. Gorgeous rose & LuV your sonnet !!
    HapPy to find you at PS..
    [if you’re a reader, I’d love to have you join our Scotland Reading Challenge] especially being of the Ross clan ! =)
    Always welcome for a cuppa…

  2. A beautiful sonnet indeed! Our South Carolina weather has been so mild that I am sure if I had not trimmed my Knockout roses within a foot off the ground, they would be coaxing a sonnet from me.

  3. Poor little rose he tried so hard only to be frozen by nasty snow.

  4. I am rather astonished that that rose is still alive! Hope blooms eternal!!

    Lovely sonnet, and it’s good to hear from you in Blog Land!


  5. Awww- what a sweet rose and a sweet poem. Happy Pink Saturday! :)

  6. Very resilient.

    Please come and peek at my PINK.
    Your comment is always a joy to read.

  7. I was on pins, waiting to see if you had a February rose! A miracle!


  8. Love your rose and the beautiful words written here! Thank you for sharing with us. HPS! Enjoy the week!

  9. What a beautiful post…ahhh….the beautiful poetry of life!

    Ciao Bella

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