Kiddie Pinks

Summertime is chock full of pinks!  I seem to find them everywhere I look!

Of course, my front garden is teaming with them . . .

But, that’s to be expected when you plant on-purpose PINK!  Little bits of pink that brighten up the yard – and my face and heart – when I see them.

But – not so much as other little bits of pink I might catch a glimpse of running about bringing a splash of color into the lush green summertime landscape . . .

Kids are full of pinks in the summer!  Their giggles and playful abandon cheer the soul from top . . .

To bottom . . .

And – when those “kiddie pinks” are turned to praising the Lord at VBS time . . .


No pink can be prettier or more praiseworthy for a Pink Saturday post!

Sharing Kiddie Pinks with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound



  1. Great pink presentation. You found more than me. I just have nothing pink around my house. I have to go looking in other places.

  2. VBS–brings back lots of good memories!!!

  3. Yes, the best pinks ! Children creating and singing, and running & playing, and learning about Jesus !

  4. I can almost hear the giggles way over here! What a charming group of VBS participants.


  5. A thoughtful sweet post. I so love to watch the young children reaching out to the Lord! What a special share today! Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful week and Happy Pink Saturday to you!

  6. I like pink best when it is on flowers…. on clothes it can sometimes feel like a bit too much. Having said that I love it with orange – which is surely the colour caffeine would be!!

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