On Hiatus – Be Back Soon!

Just and FYI – I’m taking a couple weeks HIATUS because a very precious parcel is moving in this week! My son and his sweet wife – plus my glorious grand-girl are visiting and Nana will be very busy!


However, upon my return to posting I’ll be sharing some exciting new changes – and a surprise!! I can’t wait to launch and hope to have many of you participating. Of course – there will be a GIVE-AWAY – but, that’s not all! I’ll be pulling the details together in the next week or so and hope to be back on track with you all by the end of the month – just in time for my 3 Year Blogoversary the beginning of March!

Stay tuned!!!

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  1. I believe that I would also *stop life* to unpack a precious package like that! What a cutie! Wishing you a wonderful time with family, Kathy – and I will eagerly look forward to your return to Blog Land…

    (Has it already been 3 years???)


  2. That is such an adorable picture! I love it.

    I have been on a bit of a hiatus, but it wasn’t planned. It just sort of “stormed” up on me. Ugh!

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