Taking a Break to Breathe

I am a great believer in breathing. Life happens when you remain consistent with the discipline.

Inhale. Exhale. Consider and ponder . . .

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In much the same way, LYFE is happening again this year, adopting the theme “Breathe” at the annual LYFE Women’s Conference. Two intense days of Worship, Bible Study and Practical Application Workshops to renew mind and spirit with the “breath” of God’s Word – fresh and inspired!


I’ve been remiss in Blogland for a week due to a hectic project schedule in anticipation of taking three days off to get away to the Pennsylvania mountains at Baptist Bible College for this event. The professorial staff of the college conduct the conference over two weekends each year ministering to multiple hundreds of women from various states.

I went two years ago and was so blessed during my time there in the middle of a difficult season for me. I am currently in a season of transition, at the starting line of fresh opportunities in the Lord, and my calling as a writer, speaker and creative communicator.

More than ever, just now, I need to BREATHE!

To that end, I will not be posting again until I return from the conference retreat with coverage of the event – and lessons learned. I have a number of posts in the queue that I’ll be publishing later – in addition to catching up with everyone who so graciously linked in last week with All Things Bright and Beautiful!

But for now – I need to pack and quiet myself for what the Lord would renew in my spirit.

Thankful beyond words for this respite!

Blessings to all!!

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  1. Oh Miss Kathy, what a timely post for me! I am there right now…JUST BREATH! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. I already miss you! Can’t wait, though, to hear all the things that you will bring us from this conference. Just the theme, “Breathe,” sounds so restful to me. And believe me, I need rest right now.

    Have a great time – I just know that God is going to bless your soul!!



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