Bold and Daring Designs in a Comfort Zone World

My feet hit the floor with an “ooff”–rather than a “let’s get to it!”

Mornings are tough for this little chick. I was bleary-eyed from watching Property Brothers home make-overs on Netflix til midnight. Waking up would take some time. I went to bed dreaming of gutting my own little cottage, wondering what horrors might reside behind the walls–and what it might look like without them. Those Property Brothers have an amazing ability to look at the space in a home and imagine it far different from what it is.


They see the potential of what it can become–then take bold steps to create a new reality. Demolition ensues. Walls tumble down. Floors are removed. Ceilings are rent asunder. Suddenly, the house is unrecognizable reduced to bare bone framing.

gutted house

In such a state, they often discover diseases that had been safely harbored behind those walls and floors and ceilings. Mold, rot, termite damage, decayed electrical wires, corroded plumbing and more are revealed. Though shocking in the moment, the homeowner learns to be thankful for ripping things apart. How else might such internal damages be remedied and replaced? How much better to deconstruct to reconstruct with new purpose and life, rather than slap a sloppy coat of paint or patch with substandard materials in order to hide a home’s defects.

I’m learning a lot from watching back to back Property Brothers. Practical things like what we can do to update our own home, but also metaphorical life lessons.

One thing I notice is the reluctance of the homeowners to make design choices that they’ve never made before. They know only one look. One color. One design plan. Following that plan has been what kept them in decrepit surroundings, longing for something new and big–but not so new and big that it takes them out of their comfort zones.

However, the Property Brothers are professional designers. They don’t think in boxes. They don’t remain moored on the dock. They will boldly look at a space and re-imagine it with color and style foreign to a homeowner’s small world of ideas and creativity. They invite the homeowner to let loose the moorings and sail into uncharted waters.

Sometimes, they have a tough time convincing their clients to thoroughly trust them through the process and submit to their ultimate home design–even though their track record in buying, selling, and renovating properties is of gold star value.

great kitchen

Why–they made it to HGTV, after all!

I get like this with God, sometimes.

He has been in the renovation and re-imagining business relating to my life from the day I handed the keys to my heart and mind over to Him. It hasn’t looked pretty in the process through the years, with so many different layers of walls and ceilings and floors being ripped up and out. Some walls have been completely eliminated–replaced with wide open space flooded in His Light. I’m able to better see things–the potential–as He sees things.

And, I’m called to  trust His ultimate design purposes.

He’s proved Himself time and time again–for all of history and in all of my life. His gold star value is in the cross of Jesus Christ. Why would I doubt Him, then, when He calls me to bold and daring living spaces . . . in uncharted waters?

Francis Drake quote

So, after my “ooff” out of bed and shuffle to the kitchen for my morning glass of water, I sat down with my cuppa tea in my comfort zone corner for devotions. I had my own safe plans for the day. But God knocked those walls down with a gentle prompt in my spirit.


And so my day was re-imagined and renovated. It included a morning of research on how to create a podcast and an afternoon of YouTube videos instructing me on the use of the free audio production program Audacity.

By the end of the day:

1. I’d found opening and closing program music that fit my brand

2. Fine-tuned my vision for the podcast and target audience

3. Wrote my first podcast program

4. Dug out the brand-new-still-in-the-box Logitech headset and microphone

I’d bought the microphone a year and a half ago when I first heard the Lord call me to plan for a podcast. He didn’t care at the time that I didn’t know how to do it. I was to prepare to do it. Then wait. 

In the waiting to take possession of podcasting–just like in waiting to take possession of a house in renovation–I would go through a demolition and reconstruction process to the purpose. Bold and daring designs will be required in this new living space. No comfort zones allowed.

Do I trust Him for the final product?

We’ll see come September . . .


Will YOU trust Him for the final product?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
    do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do,
    and he will show you which path to take.

Proverbs 3:5-6

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  1. What a creative post – and way to strum the chords in my life. I can really resonate with this message. I think He is shutting doors and waking me up to the fact that He has something planned. It is tough not knowing what it is. And the doors that closed seemed comfortable–too comfortable. Sailing on the high seas with the High Commander takes trust and vision. I am ready, LORD. Show me your plans and get me ready to knock down some walls.

    • Glad you were bless, Jeanne–and thanks for the share. A whole lot of wall bustin’ goin’ on over here, too! Scary stuff. I am enjoying Property Brothers, though–and love seeing the complete refit of the homes. Just amazing when you let go and let a master have his way!

  2. Wow. I started not to read this. I like things not changed.

    But I see where you were going with it, and I know I need changing LOTS.

    I’ve been trying to get up the nerve simply to put my blog site on a paid host. Ha. And everywhere I go, someone like YOU is helping me remember this thing I’m trying to forget, like a leaky roof stain that the previous owners painted over on the ceiling of our house, for us to discover later. Many dollars worth of fixing, later.

    Thanks for reminding me.

    • Katharine–may you find the resolve to just sail into the good things and beauty the Lord has for you. We are all in a constant state of renovation to make our hearts Christ’s dream home.

  3. Kathy,
    What a great analogy and I’m impressed with what you accomplished with your podcast research…Would you be willing to share your research as I’ve been wanting to do a podcast….I went to YouTube and tried to figure out how to create one using Garage Band and became thoroughly confused….No worries if it is too much work to share your research…I can go back online and try to figure it out after I finish this writing project…Thanks for inspiring me 🙂

    • Hi Dolly!
      When I master the podcast thingy, I’ll probably do a teaching on it. Right now, I’m the last person you want advice from. Spend some time on the YouTube tutorial videos about Audacity that I mentioned in this post. That’s my best advice at this point.

  4. Kathy, I love that you are being bold and obedient! I’ll be praying for God to do great things as the new podcasts come to life! Stopping by from #FelllowshipFriday 🙂
    Blessings and smiles,

  5. Wonderful post! I love the parallel. And I had to chuckle at your confession of not being a morning person. I remember that from the conference. I am very impressed with your initiative and ability to figure all of that out! Perhaps I will follow suit…but not tonight.

    • NO mornings! Usually takes me three hours to be awake when I’m home and there isn’t anyplace I have to be. My sharpest time of the day is mid-day and afternoon. You ought to work up some of your posts into readings. To hear you put the humor in your voice as you read would be entertaining and inspiring. You can do this!

  6. Exciting news about the podcast. I’m looking forward to listening.

    • Thanks, Gail! Hope I don’t disappoint. I see my son this week and hope to have some one-on-one tutorial on audio edit cleaning. He does a lot of it with his music and I’m sure he can help me fine tune my Audacity skills.

  7. Jonathan and Drew become a little addictive, don’t they? Because of them I’ve made a list of possible problems to look for in a renovation! And I know what knob and tube wiring is and that it’s not good! And I have this inexplainable desire to acquire a reciprocating saw. I don’t need a reciprocating saw. And, as you said, they are not afraid to knock down walls. I agree that God is the only one who can knock down our personal walls and knock off the rough edges to refine us so we can better share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that!


    • Robin–I’m with you on the “little addictive” bit. Just one more episode before bed . . . especially when they’re all back to back on Netflix. I am getting quite the education, too. I think my first DIY will be the tile backsplash in the kitchen. I have a friend who just did it and says she’ll help me. Pretty scary stuff when I’m not much into these large projects. Decorating with stuff is one thing–demo and reno is another. Slipping from my moors in more than one thing these days . . . Thanks for reading!

  8. I love this analogy, property brothers and really anything HGTV. I never looked at it like this.. how God tears down walls making us over and how beautiful it is that He isn’t afraid of whats lurking behind the walls. I encourage you to keep pressing forward, for if God gave you the desire to podcast and you take the leap of faith I know the ride will be more than amazing. Be blessed always.


    • Thanks for the blessing and encouraging words, Misty! This demolition job is mighty messy–but I am expectant of the reno-reveal of all good things and beauty!

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