New Word~New Year~Part 2: Go Forth!

Week 2 of 2016 already has my head in a tailspin and my anxiety levels tempted to overload. 

Last week, in Part 1 of the introduction to my word for the new year, I explained how I “got my joy back in 2015” with a review of past years, their words, and the lessons learned along the way. My 2015 journey to walk in Unbridled Joy was almost a bust–until . . .

I ended the year on fire and encouraged to fulfill my new word for this year.

You can read Part 1 here–or, my contributing writer version in this month’s Ruby for Women E-zine on page 29–just click and turn the virtual pages to read on any and all of your electronic media devices!

Editor Nina Newton, of Mama’s Vintage Treasures, manages the submissions of a host of talented bloggers and writers to jam pack each issue with the things Christian women want to read about. You’ll find words to minister to spirit, soul, and body with devotionals, Bible studies, inspirational poetry, book reviews, recipes, crafts, DIY, informative articles about home, family, and relationships, and more to help you know yourself, your world, and your Lord more deeply and delightfully. 

Both the e-zine and my January 5th Blogtalk Radio interview with Patti Shene on the Step into the Light program threw me into this new year with no waiting!

BAM! I’m walking out my word right away . . .

trio with word

I’ll be celebrating my 5th year as a blogger the first week of March this year–just two and a half months away!

That’s about the time I’ll also be celebrating the publication and release of my second picture book in the Fable Springs Parables series, Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize!

Here’s a sneak peek at how stunning this book will be featuring Noah Berge’s jewel toned illustrations that glow off the page! They’re a perfect compliment to my rhyming parable text showing, through the power of story, what the bee’s know about finding contentment in every season of life . . .

Bugaboo-Bee's Bop: Patience for the Prize from Pageant Wagon Publishing

I have lived the lessons I’m writing about in this book. I can’t wait to minister it’s truths to children of all ages–but especially in women’s ministries at retreats and conferences later this year. 

For five years I’ve been stepping out into uncharted territories, trying to make sense of this techno world and the plethora of new digital tools for writers, artists, and creatives. My many years of teaching and performance enrichment programming have slowly morphed–much like a butterfly–into these past two years of baby stepping into independent publishing.

It was a walk I feared–but knew I had to do. Breaking out of our comfort zone shells is always a time of crisis and stress. I lived it–am living it still. I wrote about that journey in Fable Springs Parables Book 1–Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things . . .

Mother Chicken's Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things from Pageant Wagon Publishing

But, each season of this growing process has been fraught with new things to learn, making me want to crawl back in my shell for the sheer volume of data that must be mastered. Currently, I’m in week 2 of the new year and not feeling like GOING anywhere but a quiet corner somewhere to cry. GOING FORTH in 2016 has me working this week on figuring out how to set up WooCommerce on my Pageant Wagon Publishing website so I can have a shopping cart and sell all the new books and publications we’ll be releasing this year. 

I’m currently working with two other authors to publish their books in addition to our new Clementine Jones Drama and Derring-Do Books in digital format or special order hard-copy binder designed for homeschools, Sunday schools, children’s church, Christian classrooms, family devotions, and community events. 

Clementine Jones Drama and Derring-Do Books Promo--Pageant Wagon Publishing

The technical hoops I have to jump through to set up the shopping cart correctly on my website is why I opened this post with such alarmist language as “my head in a tailspin and my anxiety levels tempted to overload.”

No simple task, this.

But–Isaiah 55:12 makes me joyful to the purpose! It is God’s promise when He tells us that we WILL accomplish something. In this case, our GOING FORTH WILL BE accompanied with JOY!

But, get this–we’re not alone out there in the going. We will be LED FORTH . . . with PEACE!

Those mountains and hills of obstacles that threaten to block our way will BREAK FORTH before us–He makes a way in our wilderness, moving mountains of doubt, fear, anxiety, stress, indecision . . .

He will make a way

. . . and which button to click on in the settings tab so I can make my shopping cart live!

I have always loved that imagery of Creation glorifying the Creator. It is a recurring theme in most of my writing. Seeing the Lord in that which He has created. Perhaps HE is the strong trees clapping me onto victory–like a Divine Coach telling me to GO OUT ONTO THE FIELD . . .

onto the field

. . . for the fields are white to harvest.

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, wrote a stirring call to GO in her message for the new year. Read the full post here.

Yes, it will be a year of turbulence and trials–we see those mountains looming with every headline. BUT–once again, Isaiah’s prophetic voice can be heard above the fray:

 Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.

Isaiah 60:1-2

I am not a global player. But, the field upon which God has called me is mine to steward with purpose and excellence. Going forth to play the position on the field I’m called to play–small or large–has eternal consequences for others. Each of our lives impacts someone else. Even mine . . . even yours.

And so I GO.

This year’s goals are staggering to me. Ahead of me is the publishing of multiple books, marketing of same, expanded speaking and teaching engagements, and stabilizing of our income to allow my husband to work by my side full time. Thinking on these things rather than upon He who calls me to it will keep me off the field–and the blessings of walking in my word for 2016.  

But, I’m going.

I hope you’ll go with me as a prayer partner and subscriber to my blog and website. You can cheer me on the playing field by sharing our Family Literacy Books and programs with those whom you think would benefit. And, tangibly, we are restarting our funding effort that we put on hiatus through the holidays. 


Click to Go Fund Me.

Would you consider helping us fund our publishing endeavors this year to bring Bugaboo-Bee and more Clementine Jones Drama and Derring-Do Books to market? Click here to visit our Go Fund Me page and know that your donation is so very appreciated. Many hands make light work and can break apart mountains before us–many gifts get us over the hills of ministry funding to finished products enriching lives for God’s purposes.

GO with me into 2016–and take JOY with PEACE forward into your year, too!

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  1. Boy, you are like a racehorse out of the starting gate! Lots going on, friend! Now that I am a runner (which is so weird!), I’ve discovered that when running for a long distance (which is not what most runners would necessarily describe as “long”), it’s important to find my pace. Otherwise, if I start out too fast, I’ll become fatigued too quickly into the run. So, as you leap and frolic through the trees, while they clap their hands in encouragement for you, please be sure to find your pace, my friend. You’ve got some great projects in the works–all so exciting! I can’t wait to read about Bugaboo. Oh, and by the way, I absolutely love your memes in this post. Nice work!!!

    • Blessings, Mary! Glad you could drop by. And yes–it’s one step at a time–but really . . . STEPPING OUT there. And more balance in my creative life is on the docket for this year, too.

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