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Spiritual Keepsakes on Trial Laden Road Trips podcast

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Back in my Navy wife days, we had vacations built-in to our lifestyle. Every six months to two years we shipped across country, or overseas, to some new billet destination. The time allotted for moving from place to place became like a working vacation—hitting the road for adventures with opportunities for family memory-making fun.

According to the map (no GPS in those days) our destination was just on the other side of the Grand Teton Mountain Range. I was familiar enough with the mountainous areas along the eastern parts of the country, but soon learned the folly of judging the mountains of the great Northwest in the same way.

There is no comparison.

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Teton Mountains Trial Laden Tips


Are you on a trial-laden road trip? What is the name of the mountain peaks that loom before you—that seem to never end? Ask the Lord to show you His map for your trip and record His directions in your journal travel log. Pull over to a rest stop on the way and allow Hope and Encourgement to buckle into the passenger seat as travel companions through to the end of your journey. Be confident in the climb and the mile markers that you will arrive at your destination in due time, and in such a place, your joy will be full, your strength renewed, and your resilience on the next road trip in life will be fortified.

Patient endurance attaineth to all things . . .

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  1. I live at the foot of the Appalachian mountains so although I see a mountain almost daily, it’s not very big. So when I travel to Denver now and again, I’m always totally amazed by the Rockies! They are gorgeous and I never grow tired of them. I can’t imagine moving as often as you have, but I know it means you’ve seen lots of incredible things and had many adventures.

    • Hi Lisa!
      Blessings, milady! You know, I don’t always comment but I do take joy to see your smiling face each week on our link-ups. And, yes–many adventures and far too many mountains sometimes. Even in the flatlands–if you now what I mean. Thanks so much for dropping by.

  2. Looks like a wonderful series you have – full of stories and hope!

  3. I love how you use this post to encourage readers to turn all their trials over to the Lord. The Bible tells us from perseverance comes proven character and from proven character comes hope. Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup.

    • Blessings, Leslie, with many thanks for dropping by. God is good even and especially in the trials counting us worthy to prove His character over the mountains in our lives. It becomes the stuff that makes for the best in reading and literature.

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