Podcast Episode 11: Salt on the Table

Sandwiched between my continuing series Psalms for the Nation, is my monthly podcast. I’ve been putting feet to my intercessory prayer for the healing and restoration of our nation, and its deliverance from the enemy’s corruption in the very highest places of our government. 

There’s no pretending this isn’t happening to us. It is. And has been so for a long time–decidedly the past eight years and more than 50 strategic years on a slippery slope of moral, spiritual, and cultural decline. Weakened from within, our enemy’s are encamped within.

I’ve been pondering this idea of salting food to add flavor in these troublesome days through which we’re living. Especially when I read the comment threads on social media. I read a blend of “salted” comments making truthful words flavorful. I read far too many hot with “pepper” comments, stinging injury with malice. I read both salty and peppery potentials tucked safely away in a corner pantry, adding neither flavor nor sting to the conversation. Bowing out of the smorgasbord of opinion entirely. Blocking. Unfriending. Retreating to a safe place, choosing not to play any part in these corrupt times at all. Or perhaps, to pray.


I have a profound belief in the power of prayer. God’s Kingdom purposes are ultimately advanced in this world through prayer. Especially in these critical times. Please do, PRAY!

Fervently so.

But do not neglect a liberal shaking out of salt to heal the wounds of our nation and its people in the influential spheres where God has placed you.

Salt on the Table



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Righteousness exalts a nation,

But sin is a reproach to any people.

Proverbs 14:34

Father, our nation’s sins have made way for the enemy to encamp within us. Redeem us, Lord, from the snares set by these fowlers, and release America from the captivity she has been bound to these many years. Thank you for exposing the wickedness done in secret, bringing corruption into the light. May justice rise like the noonday sun. May the people return to You and embrace her nobler His-Story, revived and restored to fulfill her purposes in Your Kingdom. 

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