All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #8

New Year Joy To You! What a whirlwind of a close-out to 2014 and welcome to 2015! I missed our link-up in December with far too much merry-making and holiday hoopla. From book deadlines to family dinner planning to entertaining friends to celebrating our anniversary . . . well . . . please forgive me for taking a blogging break to the … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #7

Thanksgiving Week Blessings! I'm sure we're all busy planning menus and ministry details to make our traditional Thankgiving celebration a joyful occasion for family, friends, and the community at large. We do have so very much to be thankful to God for--He who has blessed us with such bounty through the love of Jesus Christ! At this time of … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #6

I'm back in the saddle again at The Writer's Reverie, after two whirlwind months of great change in many areas of my life. It is no wonder that September came and went without All Things Bright and Beautiful. God has been "re-arranging the furniture in our house" - so to speak - and the days seem to all blur together. But, this week we'll … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #5

Summer's end and school is upon us! Time to review our August summer fun at the All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up! Currently, I'm on another grand-girl adventure in New England celebrating her 4th birthday! She starts preschool this year - I can't be more proud! You see, she'll be going to school with her Mommy and Daddy who teach at … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #4

Summer is swiftly passing! So swiftly, in fact, that June buzzed right by without an All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up! That was the week I had been swept away with grand-girl adventures in New England which I detailed in this post:   Ain't she sweet? So, please forgive me that I was a bit distracted with such a … [Read more...]

Just an Old-Fashioned Birthday

These days, when someone is having a birthday, we get a notification on Facebook to send them a birthday wish. The recipient is inundated with multitudes of good wishes - simply type and press enter! There are still those of us who prefer an old-fashioned birthday with visuals, thank you. As for me, I went to my favorite vintage postcard … [Read more...]

Taking a Break to Breathe

I am a great believer in breathing. Life happens when you remain consistent with the discipline. Inhale. Exhale. Consider and ponder . . . In much the same way, LYFE is happening again this year, adopting the theme "Breathe" at the annual LYFE Women's Conference. Two intense days of Worship, Bible Study and Practical Application Workshops … [Read more...]

All Things Bright and Beautiful Link-up #3

Happy Memorial Day Week to you all! A beautiful sunny day today with perfect temperatures! I hope you're enjoying our springtime joys of late. Our garden came to life this past week when we planted six new red knock-out rose bushes which have completely transformed the whole look! I'll be capturing those details in an upcoming post - which just … [Read more...]

Pink Posies for a Pink Saturday Salute

It's been six years since our Beverly ventured into the realms of blog linky parties - and I, for one, have been so blessed that she blazed such a trail. Three years ago I joined the fray and through Bev and Pink Saturday came to know so many lovely ladies and kindred spirits celebrating my motto of "all good things and beauty!" So, here's … [Read more...]

Note Cards in May

April Showers brought May Flowers ~ the loveliest of images to grace a feminine note card collection! The time of the lilacs are past for us in South Jersey. I look so forward to them each year. My purple lilac bush was particularly profuse with succulent blossoms. I took great delight in it - and clipped a couple to share at the table of my … [Read more...]

Festivities and Frills: It Must Be May!

May is always such a busy month for me! I have a number of posts begun - yet left undone because of my many activities this month! So, I'm buzzing by  to post a couple images with promises of the full stories behind them all to come later! I serve on the Board of Directors for a local history preservation and education group, The Friends of … [Read more...]

Dolly & Me Tea: Part 3

Yet let's be merry; we'll have tea and toast; Custards for supper, and an endless host Of syllabubs and jellies and mincepies, And other such ladylike luxuries. ― Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Compete Poems Yes, there were plenty of "ladylike luxuries" being prepared in the Woman's Club of Vineland clubhouse kitchen . . .  In anticipation … [Read more...]

All Things Bright and Beautiful Link-up #2

Blessings as we bid farewell to April and make room for May! It's time for an "Encore Performance" of your best posts this month at All Things Bright and Beautiful! What have you to share with us this month? All Things Bright and Beautiful @ The Writers Reverie Link posts that illustrate bright and clever ideas that make your world more … [Read more...]

Dolly & Me Tea: Part 2

I was going to cover the much anticipated Dolly & Me Tea sponsored by the Woman's Club of Vineland as a Part 1 and Part 2. However, it looks like I will need to make it a trio of teatime goodness and beauty because the event was so amazing - one post to take it all in just would not be sufficient. So - Pink Saturday gets Part 2 and we'll round … [Read more...]

Bright and Beautiful Give-Away Winner!

Glorious greetings on this eve of April! My daffodil buds are about to bloom, followed shortly thereafter by my pink tulips, I expect! A great way to bid farewell to a winter that has decidedly overstayed its welcome in most of the country. Closing out the month of March, I enjoyed a lovely time this past week hosting my first link-up party … [Read more...]

Waiting in Hope

Baby, it's cold outside! To that end - it's cold INSIDE. At least at my house. Has been for the past two weeks - and worst of all today! As it happens, we are without heat. We have been forced to bid a fond farewell to our oil furnace after a remarkable lifespan of fifty years! It was big. It was noisy. It was working admirably until the … [Read more...]

Seamus & Shamrock Farewell Tea

March is blowing out like a lion in my neck of the country today. Temperatures in the '20's and snow expected overnight. Again. Hope my budding daffodils survive to thrive . . . And, just when I'm getting all my bunnies and Beatrix Potter out to play, too! No matter. March has flown by and my Blogoversary celebrations are wrapping up … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #1

Yay - Hooray! It's time for my first LINK-UP as the grand finale to my Blogoversary month! I'm celebrating three years in Blogland where I've met so many kindred spirit taking joy in a variety of commonplaces. I have learned so much from many of you and have been blessed in forming new friendships. You've all inspired me in this blogging … [Read more...]

Taking Joy in All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up @ The Writer’s Reverie Celebrating Three Years in Blogland! I’m TAKING GREAT JOY in celebrating my THIRD BLOGOVERSARY this month by launching my first LINK-UP that opens THIS WEEKEND! Three years ago I was prompted by a friend, Linda at Grandmalay’s Daydreams, to start a blog. She had just started … [Read more...]