Juggling Urgent & Important

I know some of you might think that I've completely fallen off the face of the earth the past three weeks. Well, partly.  I've been whisked out of this Blogland World, completely buried in a myriad of both URGENT and IMPORTANT, causing me to take an unplanned break from my happy place here with you. So, in just a few photos, I'll bring you up to … [Read more...]

Joy in Giving

I do love to receive presents, don't you? But, how much more blessed it is to give than to receive! Bloggers take great joy in this simple truth. Collectively I've found it is one of our favorite things. We look for reasons to host Give-Aways - desiring to reach out to our kindred sisters in Blogland with a little slice of our self that we … [Read more...]

Seamus & Shamrock Farewell Tea

March is blowing out like a lion in my neck of the country today. Temperatures in the '20's and snow expected overnight. Again. Hope my budding daffodils survive to thrive . . . And, just when I'm getting all my bunnies and Beatrix Potter out to play, too! No matter. March has flown by and my Blogoversary celebrations are wrapping up … [Read more...]

Taking Joy in All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up @ The Writer’s Reverie Celebrating Three Years in Blogland! I’m TAKING GREAT JOY in celebrating my THIRD BLOGOVERSARY this month by launching my first LINK-UP that opens THIS WEEKEND! Three years ago I was prompted by a friend, Linda at Grandmalay’s Daydreams, to start a blog. She had just started … [Read more...]

Steeped in Mystery Teatime Winner

Yey! I won the prize!! I love prizes - giving them and receiving them! When I was raising my kids, I was never satisfied with the Christmas, Easter and birthday gift giving events. I made PRIZE events out of any and every special day I could make up. I loved stumbling across something I knew would bless the socks off someone special, and would … [Read more...]

Blogoversary Sneak Peek!

Well - this is the week! The first week of March marking my introduction to Blogland THREE YEARS ago! How much has changed in my life since that time! And, how I have grown in the use of this online communication medium! There are so many generous bloggers who have helped me along the way with technical know-how and inspiration for new ideas to … [Read more...]