How to Make a Cameo Impression

Some things never change. Like my own love of old things and the stories they tell. Pictures from my childhood record my efforts to make my 1960's attire look Victorian. I wanted to look like the Gibson Girl of the 1890's, though I didn't have the hair for it. I was fascinated by sketches of fashion and beauty in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, … [Read more...]

Ruby For Women and Warm Hands

February arrives with a statement: We are well and truly into 2016 and no looking back but for the lessons learned in 2015. Hearts and flowers and patriotic Presidents, not to mention Punxsutawney Phil, are the icons we mark this month with. Cupids and Valentine cards and perhaps even a crocus peeking up out of the ground by the end of this … [Read more...]

Just a Little Pink to Start the New Year Right

We've all been sharing our "words" for the new year.  I have exhausted my audience with my ramblings on the subject in a two part post kick-off to the new year. You can read the long version in Part 1, and then follow-up with the exciting sequel in Part 2. BUT--for all our pinkies out there--a little something special. You see, my word for this … [Read more...]

Festivities and Frills: It Must Be May!

May is always such a busy month for me! I have a number of posts begun - yet left undone because of my many activities this month! So, I'm buzzing by  to post a couple images with promises of the full stories behind them all to come later! I serve on the Board of Directors for a local history preservation and education group, The Friends of … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Meme

It's been ten years since I was able to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. I think of her with every Floral Frill I create - since she was my first teacher in all things creative and crafty. She loved making art projects. I remember she joined a Craft-of-the-Month Club and took great joy in the popular Paint-by-Number kits of the '60's and … [Read more...]

Dolly & Me Tea: Part 2

I was going to cover the much anticipated Dolly & Me Tea sponsored by the Woman's Club of Vineland as a Part 1 and Part 2. However, it looks like I will need to make it a trio of teatime goodness and beauty because the event was so amazing - one post to take it all in just would not be sufficient. So - Pink Saturday gets Part 2 and we'll round … [Read more...]

Dolly & Me Tea: Part 1

I know spring is here for sure! I'm getting ready this week for the annual Dolly & Me Tea sponsored by our local Woman's Club of Vineland and can't be more excited!! My friend, June, organizes the event and always does a wonderful job. I am the "tea mistress" to keep things moving along nicely with stories and interactive elements to engage … [Read more...]

Notecard Wednesday: The Frill of Life Collection

It's raining just now.  Freezing temps tomorrow. Springtime in New Jersey. I had high hopes for planting flowers early this year with the sunny days topping out at almost 80 degrees this past week. Well, it looks like I'll have to be content with my flowers INSIDE for a little longer. That's what I've been doing of late, as I've been in new … [Read more...]

Peeps, Posies & Pretty Eggs

Delighted to share a little bit of blue with everyone this week - fresh from my Cameo Impressions workbench! I see "some-bunny" is getting a "sneak peep" at my Floral Frills - ready for Easter and Mother's Day. I took them to a vendor show this weekend and co-hosted Lithuanian Egg Decorating with a gal whose family tradition in this craft goes … [Read more...]

Spring Peep & Pink

What a whirlwind week I've spent creating my long anticipated Spring Collection of Cameo Impressions Floral Frills to embellish hair, hats and Easter Baskets this season! And, who's that little "some-bunny" peeping about in my basket full of beauties? Yep - the Peeps are out as Easter is just around the corner  - next week, in fact! I daresay … [Read more...]

Teacup Bouquet

I'm all about flowers this week! Just so excited for the arrival of spring and some of my early bulb blooms blossoming in my yard! But, I'm also looking forward to the next few days in my Cameo Impressions studio when I'll be make up a batch of spring Floral Frills for my Spring/Easter shows this month! So - I am grabbing a quick cuppa tea with … [Read more...]

Bright and Beautiful Give-Away Winner!

Glorious greetings on this eve of April! My daffodil buds are about to bloom, followed shortly thereafter by my pink tulips, I expect! A great way to bid farewell to a winter that has decidedly overstayed its welcome in most of the country. Closing out the month of March, I enjoyed a lovely time this past week hosting my first link-up party … [Read more...]

St. Paddy’s Day Pinks

You better believe I'm thinking PINK - and GREEN - this weekend in anticipation of two events taking place next week: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy 1st Day of Spring! I don't think there's ever been a springtime more anticipated than this year after such a harsh winter! I've been steeped in green and orange getting my Irish on by making … [Read more...]

Snow Time Like March for February Pinks

Happy Belated Pink Saturday to one and all! I had every intention of posting yesterday morning - but my day did not move along quite as I'd hoped. My photos were ready but my text copy was waiting in the wings when the landscape of my day shifted and my computer was not a part of my activities for the remainder of it. Don't you just love those … [Read more...]

Vintage Beauty and Art

What a great time I've been having in my studio adding mixed media collage tags in vintage loveliness to my works! I'm showing them this weekend, so I want to share a quick few photos with you to lift your spirits with joy and gladness in the light of beautiful things!     Back to the studio!! Sharing Vintage Beauty and Art … [Read more...]

A Retro Winter Day

The sun's out and hopefully the temps will climb with some much desired melting of the snow dumped last night - another six inches in our region. Brrrrrr . . . It's an ETSY afternoon today at Cameo Impressions! While the snow and ice do their wintry thing out my window, I'm making the most of a bitterly cold day with this cheery fellow! He's … [Read more...]

On the Subject of Heirlooms

Dearest Brenda - blogging at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me - blessed my socks off this week with one of her posts! She spoke earlier this month about this year's "WORD" - like many of us have been sharing. For instance: In the midst of a career transition with my future looking fuzzy, at best - I'm stepping out in faith finally pursuing some long … [Read more...]

Back to Business As Usual

Just a quickie update to all my dears in Blogland - I've gone back to work! Well - not that I ever left, but my Christmas and New Year break is officially broken as of this past Monday, and I am settling into a work from home routine that I hope will prove productive over the long haul. Monday:  I do freelance writing assignments for my dear … [Read more...]

Counting New Year Blessings

Glorious greetings to you this new year as we welcome 2014 and all the grand plans the Lord has prepared for us! You may have noticed I've been somewhat absent from Blogland for the final days of December.  Been a bit busy with a few things that are about to make me wildly busy this year.  So, since I was not able to post over the past three … [Read more...]

Blog Shop & Boutique: Cyber-Sale – 30%off!

I've had my fill of turkey and stuffing and spent Black Friday decorating my home for Christmas, leaving the on-site shopping to others. I have a number of trees I decorate with a different theme - not the least of which is a Cameo Impressions Floral Frill tree where all things merry and bright clip right onto the branches for the holidays . . … [Read more...]

Blog Shop & Boutique: Frill the Tree!

I know!  I KNOW! We haven't hit Thanksgiving yet and here I am, another crafter jumping on the Christmas bandwagon. But, really . . . it's a necessity when now is the time people are making decisions about gifts - and decorating - for Christmas and the holidays. I'll have my tree up in my shows this season with plenty of jollity tucked … [Read more...]

Blog Shop: Floral Blooms on Snowy Days

Well, as predicted, the first snows of the season are blowing about outside my window this morning.  The temperatures have dropped significantly and the "brrrr" in the air has invited me to add an extra pair of cozy socks to warm my chilly toes!  I think I need some time among the flowers and sunshine. That's where Cameo Impressions comes in … [Read more...]

Favorite Words List Challenge

I keep a lexicon of favorite words.  You know - the kind of words that, when you hear them or speak them they make your heart sing and your mind drift to lands of reverie and wonder at their meaning. The sublime in their define. So, this morning, in ruminating about what words I might blog about today, I went to my list which is rather fluid … [Read more...]

Blog Shop Autumn Hues

Blessings all!  Isn't it lovely this time of year!  I was so inspired I just had to create a meme this morning to blend the beauty of the changing season to the lessons it reminds me of when the temperature drops and the chill of change tempts us to doubt . . . Changes come - but appreciating timeless treasures erases the scars of changing times … [Read more...]

Cameo Impressions Debut at Blog Shop

I've been looking forward to this post for some time! My first link-in with Beverly's weekly BlogShop: This past weekend I debuted my NEW ETSY SHOP at Cameo Impressions on Beverly's Pink Saturday - and today I get to join the weekly link-in with other Blogland vendors stocking their virtual shelves with handcrafted and vintage items! Visit me … [Read more...]