Podcast Episode 12: Vintage Christmas Holly

I'm so blessed to share my Christmas podcast with you this month! It's simultaneously in print in RUBY MAGAZINE with a host of other Christmas themed articles, by many talented Christian women writers, to fill your home and heart with the joy of the season. [Tweet "My podcast features a special guest--from over 100 years ago!"] Earlier this … [Read more...]

New Year . . . New Word . . . Part 1

I used to have all my Christmas decorations binned and stored away before stepping back into the workweek after New Year's Day. Not so much anymore. I'm taking my time with all those pretties I set up on Black Friday. Barely had a month to enjoy them. Over 30 years of memories and a palette of festive fun enlighten my home throughout December. … [Read more...]

Christmas Caprese Tea

I was up early this morning preparing teatime. Haley would arrive by 9:00am and I had much to do before opening the door and welcoming her to our annual Christmas teatime. Haley and I have met on Tuesday mornings for the past few years. She's home-schooled to allow plenty of room to groom her for a world-class music career as an Irish musician. … [Read more...]

Podcast #4: Holy Moments in No Man’s Land

"And suddenly in two tongues one song filled the night sky." Christmas in the Trenches, by John McCutcheon At Christmastime, my husband Ed grows out his whiskers, and you might find us in bookstores or eldercare facilities as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. It is pure joy to hold court with little ones, like this cutie at Barnes & Noble @ Rowan … [Read more...]

When Bells Ring Wild and Sweet

I heard the bells on Christmas day Their old familiar carols play And wild and sweet Their words repeat Of peace on earth Good will towards men                    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Bells.  Historically, bells have been used to draw attention to a moment. Bells marking time. The hour of the day or night. From clock … [Read more...]

Guest Posting: The Ministry of Vintage Christmas Toys and Joys

It's always a Very Vintage Christmas in my home! I’m not ashamed to admit that I remain connected to the wonder and delight of my youth. Especially at Christmas we should strive to do so—entering the blessed season as a little child. To own tangible elements of days long gone captivates my present heart with pause. And, in pausing . . . the power … [Read more...]

A Very Vintage Christmas

Sing hey! Sing hey! For Christmas Day; Twine mistletoe and holly. For a friendship glows In winter snows, And so let's all be jolly! Author Unknown A Merry Christmas to one and all this most anticipated week of the year! I've not had the time to post as regularly as I used to with so many new adventures on my plate since summer. I have … [Read more...]

Pageant Wagon Christmas Village DIY

December arrives with shock and awe.  Weren't we just ringing in the new year? Where did the past eleven months fly off to? I blinked--and it's time to drag up the Christmas bins from the basement for my annual total home make-over. I do a house decor refit for each season, but Christmas is my shining glory moment for decking the … [Read more...]

Happy Christmas Caroling

December Greetings to all! Miss Kathy is working on a bit of whimsy and a short story to touch the heart in my Christmas posts this month - but the to-do list filling my days is rapidly filling. Not the least of which are the many events of the season Ed and I are participating in. We'll be sharing the Light of the season through Christmas … [Read more...]

Pink in the Parable

[Tweet "The outdoor stage was set!"] Glorious Autumn mums in shades of pink and gold peppered the harvest motif, surrounded by white hydrangeas, deep pink crape myrtle and magnolias. Bales of straw became a staging area for orange and white pumpkins, while the rustic farm-stand towered over all announcing that one had entered the idyllic world … [Read more...]

Thoughts of December in October

The change of season brings with it the harsh realization that another year is swiftly coming to a close in less than three months! Pinterest worthy recipes pepper social media with suggestions for Thanksgiving and Christmas baking. [Tweet "Pro-active families ready lists with plans for the fast approaching holidays."] It is easy to get … [Read more...]

Holiday Tea and Peppermint Dreams

Happy New Year Teatime! Yes, I missed all the fun in December when everyone was sharing their teatime posts.  I was busy cleaning out my daughter's new house that came with all the former owner's circa 1950's-1970's vintage goodies . . . See more on this epic tale and some great visuals in my New Year Blessings story. I hope you'll forgive … [Read more...]

Counting New Year Blessings

Glorious greetings to you this new year as we welcome 2014 and all the grand plans the Lord has prepared for us! You may have noticed I've been somewhat absent from Blogland for the final days of December.  Been a bit busy with a few things that are about to make me wildly busy this year.  So, since I was not able to post over the past three … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas, Blogland!

I fear I have been far too absent from Blogland the past two weeks due to so much happening on my home front - all good - and all to be shared with much elation in a variety of posts very soon!  But, for now - wishing all my dear friends across the miles online a blessed and beautiful Christmas with your families! Joy to you all in the love and … [Read more...]

Cup of Christmas Tea

Mmmmm! Cozy this week at The Writer's Reverie. We've had snow the past couple of days and the gray skies pouring forth their snowflake petals to carpet a deadened landscape with white fluff was a welcome seasonal sight.  Especially since I did not have to be traveling in it.  It was a writing day for me - and floral frill making day to … [Read more...]

Blog Shop & Boutique: Cyber-Sale – 30%off!

I've had my fill of turkey and stuffing and spent Black Friday decorating my home for Christmas, leaving the on-site shopping to others. I have a number of trees I decorate with a different theme - not the least of which is a Cameo Impressions Floral Frill tree where all things merry and bright clip right onto the branches for the holidays . . … [Read more...]

Nostalgic Christmas Under the Tree

I save things. My mother saved things, too. She saved bits of wax paper and slightly used tin foil and plastic bags for reuse - the consummate recycler before it became law. I save . . . memories.  Tangibly.  So I can look upon them and hold them for fleeting moments - perhaps only seconds.  The remnants of bygone days when time moved … [Read more...]

The Crafter’s Journal: Inspiration Station

All Aboard for Inspiration Station!! Train departing for all stops featuring creative sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures!  This would, of course, include the Landis Marketplace on my hometown's historic "main street" Landis Avenue, just a block and a half from where the market's namesake, founder Charles K. Landis, once lived. The … [Read more...]

Blog Shop & Boutique: Frill the Tree!

I know!  I KNOW! We haven't hit Thanksgiving yet and here I am, another crafter jumping on the Christmas bandwagon. But, really . . . it's a necessity when now is the time people are making decisions about gifts - and decorating - for Christmas and the holidays. I'll have my tree up in my shows this season with plenty of jollity tucked … [Read more...]