Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's the last week of February and in years past, I would be wishing my mother a Happy Birthday. However, it has been 13 years since I lost her home to Heaven with the Lord after a two year battle with ovarian cancer.  She was a constant source of inspiration and long suffering through it and I was so blessed to spend quality time with her in … [Read more...]

Podcast #9: Why Reading Aloud as a Family Matters Today

Do you sometimes feel like a fractured family? Too much busy in your lives? The demands of home, work, church, school, activities, relationships, and the complexities of 21st century living keep many modern day families rushing about in opposing directions—especially now that school’s back in session and our summer vacations are just a happy … [Read more...]

Raising Disciples: “Using Your Own Gifts & Style”

July 5, 1984, at 10:00am, I cried out to the Lord in despair and He heard me. The room filled with His Presence and He saved me unto Himself for the purpose of growing into greater things. Jesus, in an instant, became both Savior and Lord of my life. [Tweet "I was thirsty for Him. To know Him. To live for Him."] And to raise the infant boy … [Read more...]

Renewed by the Bay Shore ~ Remembering a Friend

I haven't been to the marshes for a couple of years. Not since the loss of our dear friend, David Lord. We shared many delights in books and reading together. He was a gifted naturalist who often took us bird watching in the marshland by the Delaware Bay. He loved the glories of God in Creation housed in the famous Pinelands of Southern New … [Read more...]

Pilgrims, Soapboxes, Teapots, and Podcasts

And first of ye occasion and industments ther unto; the which that I may truly unfould, I must begine at ye very roots & rise of ye same. The which I shall endevor to manefest in a plaine stile, with singuler regard unto ye simple trueth in all things, at least as near as my slender judgemente can  attaine the same . . . Opening lines to the … [Read more...]

Using Journals to Re-Write Inspirational Chocolate

I'm breaking out the journals this week for our Random Journal Day foray into the recording of our thoughts and inspirations.  I find that as I age I'm more prone to record inspirations rather than thoughts. I'm not quite so ready to pen my innermost feelings as I am to record the words of others which impress deeply upon my innermost feelings. In … [Read more...]

Basic Ingredients for a Carnival Birthday Party

Oh my! How time does fly!  Seems like yesterday we were calling everyone to prayer for our miracle baby Mackenzie Joy--born three months early and just under two pounds! When it came time to dedicate my first picture book, Mother Chicken's Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things, I knew she was to be the star of the dedication … [Read more...]

Rustic Teatime Family Retreat

Every year my aunt and cousin host an afternoon tea for all the ladies in our family. There aren't too many of us, so it makes for a cozy afternoon retreat around the table with delectable goodies. This summer, my cousin Debbie hosted it at her rustic sea captain's house built in 1821. The plaque on the front of the house makes it official as … [Read more...]

Vacation Pinks with Kenzie

June brings summer and storms and vacation week for me and hubby. We packed the bags and were off for a week in New England with my son, daughter-in-love, and that grand-girl of mine, Kenzie! While South Jersey had two destructive storms the week we were away (no damage to our home, praise the Lord!) we enjoyed lovely cool nights with breezes … [Read more...]

Grand-Girl Pinks

Can I crow? What a grand-girl I have, and beyond blessed I am! A couple of weeks ago my son and daughter-in-love braved the New England winter roads and took a week's vacation to visit Nana with this precious cherub--looking much like her daddy when he was her age! Nana shut down work and social media and thoroughly enjoyed being snowed in in … [Read more...]

Juggling Urgent & Important

I know some of you might think that I've completely fallen off the face of the earth the past three weeks. Well, partly.  I've been whisked out of this Blogland World, completely buried in a myriad of both URGENT and IMPORTANT, causing me to take an unplanned break from my happy place here with you. So, in just a few photos, I'll bring you up to … [Read more...]

Sparkle On!

Been working this month. How about you? Oh, the mornings have been tough. My fault, really. I've been staying up way too late and my body clock is all off. Stress levels in the last couple months of 2014 seeped into these first couple weeks of 2015. But, I have become wiser for it. The fix is in! I'm getting my calm on--with a splash of … [Read more...]

A Very Vintage Christmas

Sing hey! Sing hey! For Christmas Day; Twine mistletoe and holly. For a friendship glows In winter snows, And so let's all be jolly! Author Unknown A Merry Christmas to one and all this most anticipated week of the year! I've not had the time to post as regularly as I used to with so many new adventures on my plate since summer. I have … [Read more...]

Lifestyles of Plimoth Plantation: Thanksgiving Part 4

Welcome to "In Word & Image" @ The Writer's Reverie! Each week I explore monthly themes using Scripture combined with visuals & a devotional thought! Ruminate with me. Be inspired in your heart. Be captivated by His beauty. Be enriched in the timeless treasury of His gifts. Be challenged to go forth with purpose and live for … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #7

Thanksgiving Week Blessings! I'm sure we're all busy planning menus and ministry details to make our traditional Thankgiving celebration a joyful occasion for family, friends, and the community at large. We do have so very much to be thankful to God for--He who has blessed us with such bounty through the love of Jesus Christ! At this time of … [Read more...]

And So It Begins: Thanksgiving Part 1

Welcome to "In Word & Image" @ The Writer's Reverie! Each week I explore monthly themes using Scripture combined with visuals & a devotional thought! Ruminate with me. Be inspired in your heart. Be captivated by His beauty. Be enriched in the timeless treasury of His gifts. Be challenged to go forth with purpose and live for … [Read more...]

Pink in the Parable

[Tweet "The outdoor stage was set!"] Glorious Autumn mums in shades of pink and gold peppered the harvest motif, surrounded by white hydrangeas, deep pink crape myrtle and magnolias. Bales of straw became a staging area for orange and white pumpkins, while the rustic farm-stand towered over all announcing that one had entered the idyllic world … [Read more...]

Thoughts of December in October

The change of season brings with it the harsh realization that another year is swiftly coming to a close in less than three months! Pinterest worthy recipes pepper social media with suggestions for Thanksgiving and Christmas baking. [Tweet "Pro-active families ready lists with plans for the fast approaching holidays."] It is easy to get … [Read more...]

Support the Fable Springs Parables Project

After ten years as a performance storyteller of truth-telling tales in the tradition of the classics, I'm expanding into independent publishing! A talented team plus peer mentors are in place. But, funding for production and marketing must be raised to put my Christian living and family discipleship materials into your hands! Your generous … [Read more...]

Fall Teatime with Mother Chicken

Welcome Fall and Teatime in Blogland! What a whirlwind of a summer I had! I completely missed all the summer teatimes in the swirl of all my life changing busy! Fall finds me trying to get my bearings in the middle of the biggest thing I have ever set myself to do! Stopping for tea with harvest themes and a couple dear friends is just the … [Read more...]

As Little Children: Growing Up

Welcome to August 2014 "In Word & Image" at The Writer's Reverie! Each week I explore monthly themes using Scripture combined with a visual and a devotional thought! Ruminate with me. Be inspired in your heart. Be captivated by His beauty. Be enriched in the timeless treasury of His gifts. Be challenged to go forth with purpose and … [Read more...]

Summer’s End: Birthdays and Baptism

Summer's end is always the beginning. In our family we celebrate the beginning of a new year to glorify God with my birthday, and my grand-girl's birthday, just days apart - in addition to the beginning of a new school year with all the joys and anticipation of new growth before us! For years, that meant me and my two children heading off to … [Read more...]

The Making of Miracles: Update!

SOMETIMES THE TEARS just flow. Burdens get so heavy and decisions so difficult that your natural response is to weep. God knows the tears you have cried, and He honors every one of them by transforming them into SEEDS OF HOPE.  REJOICE that your tears are NOT IN VAIN! God CULTIVATES each glistening drop and TRANSFORMS it into a blessing. PTL!   … [Read more...]

Kid Lit: “I Want to Read Too!”

It's time to be getting the kids ready to go back to school. In some states school is already in session this first week of August! Whether your kids are in public, private, Christian or enjoying the homeschool experience, the littlest ones often feel left out when big brother and sister get all the back-to-school attention. They want to go to … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #4

Summer is swiftly passing! So swiftly, in fact, that June buzzed right by without an All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up! That was the week I had been swept away with grand-girl adventures in New England which I detailed in this post:   Ain't she sweet? So, please forgive me that I was a bit distracted with such a … [Read more...]