Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's the last week of February and in years past, I would be wishing my mother a Happy Birthday. However, it has been 13 years since I lost her home to Heaven with the Lord after a two year battle with ovarian cancer.  She was a constant source of inspiration and long suffering through it and I was so blessed to spend quality time with her in … [Read more...]

Seashore Days with Dad

My father was always a lover of the sea-faring life. He looks back upon his days in the Navy during and after WWII with great fondness. The sun porch walls and decor in the home where I grew up - where he still lives - is bedecked with nautical goods and framed reminders of the ship upon which he served, the USS Hermitage, and other seaworthy … [Read more...]

Decoration Day

Blessings on Decoration Day to you! What we call Memorial Day originated immediately after the Civil War when local communities decorated the the graves of their war dead. In 1868, General John A. Logan, leader of a Northern Civil War veteran's organization presided over the first official national Decoration Day at Arlington National Cemetery. … [Read more...]

Festivities and Frills: It Must Be May!

May is always such a busy month for me! I have a number of posts begun - yet left undone because of my many activities this month! So, I'm buzzing by  to post a couple images with promises of the full stories behind them all to come later! I serve on the Board of Directors for a local history preservation and education group, The Friends of … [Read more...]

The Crafter’s Journal: Inspiration Station

All Aboard for Inspiration Station!! Train departing for all stops featuring creative sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures!  This would, of course, include the Landis Marketplace on my hometown's historic "main street" Landis Avenue, just a block and a half from where the market's namesake, founder Charles K. Landis, once lived. The … [Read more...]