When Seasons Change, God Does Not

Sneezing my way into the change of seasons. Yes--it's that time of year again when I have a head stuffed with more than words and ideas. In fact, it is so stuffed, I can barely think this week--let alone write. So, I thought I'd peruse some of my post drafts to see if there was something I might, with little effort, turn to inspiration for a … [Read more...]

Retreat and Breathe: Part 2

My pen was rarely still at the LYFE Conference last weekend on the mountain landscaped campus of Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. #lyfeconf In PART 1 of my RETREAT AND BREATHE recap, I set the stage and shared a little about some of the people and features of the 2.5 day conference. We met Carole Wolaver, The Pottery Lady, … [Read more...]

Retreat and Breathe: Part 1

I left with far too much undone. There were bank statements to balance, special orders to fill, blog posts to write, manuscripts to prepare and - worst of all - my office and sewing room were filled to the gills with bins and piles of prospective vintage Etsy items and vendor displays screaming for my attention. Now - I love a good hat and I … [Read more...]