Podcast #18: Vintage Book Treasure Hunt

I came into possession of a vintage book titled, Day After Day: A Manual of Devotions for Individual and Family Use, compiled by 19th and early 20th century evangelist John Wilbur Chapman. It was published in 1919, at the end of the first World War. One of the first places I go when treasure hunting in a vintage or antique book, is inside, opening … [Read more...]

Podcast #17: Excerpt from Fragrant Fields

I'm so excited about my new book, released in January of 2017! It's called Fragrant Fields: Poetic Reflections for Journaling, in which I share an intimate slice of my personal devotions in a collection of poetry, prose, Scripture, and inspirational quotes. In this podcast, I'm reading an excerpt detailing the initial inspiration prompting me to … [Read more...]

Podcast Episode 10: Election Year Message

What a whirlwind season we are living through on God's historical timeline! Are you feeling short of breath, void of peace, perplexed in mind, and weary in spirit? Welcome to Election 2016. But, more to the point--welcome to my Election Year Message via podcast: Come Down to Earth and Be Still.  This month I've re-booted an essay I wrote almost … [Read more...]

When Bells Ring Wild and Sweet

I heard the bells on Christmas day Their old familiar carols play And wild and sweet Their words repeat Of peace on earth Good will towards men                    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Bells.  Historically, bells have been used to draw attention to a moment. Bells marking time. The hour of the day or night. From clock … [Read more...]

My Ruby for Women Debut

I can't be more excited this week to finally see the Autumn 2015 issue of the Ruby for Women e-zine! Of course, the cover is dreamy with a stunning harvest image that you can almost smell fall just by looking at it. And, there is an incredible Pumpkin Patch spread with recipe links to the queen of all fall goodies! Sumptuous! Poetry and eye … [Read more...]

Building on the Ruins

I'm working on a new e-book devotional based on some of my poetic works. I posted the abridged version on Enthusiastically Dawn's Random Journal Day last week which moved me to consider turning the long version into a format for personal devotions and journaling.  But, as I'm beginning the edit and additions, I believe this will eventually become … [Read more...]

RJD: Taking a Day Off with My Journal

I am a writer. I write. Everyday. One thing or another. Lately, it's been hours in one position in front of my laptop at work on the Study Guides I hope to publish this fall as companion to my first Fable Springs Parables book. And, now that I've recently returned from the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference last week, I'm staring … [Read more...]

Epilogue to “The Story”

When we last left our Holy Week Ruminations on "The Story" this past Good Friday, the Chorus mournfully exposed Jesus on the cross . . . Chorus:                                 Look into His eyes Jesus the Man. Scorned, rejected, Condemned to die. With passion in His gaze, Forgiveness on His lips, He bought Man’s pain, Man’s … [Read more...]

Resurrection Spring Pinks

Long time no see . . . me . . . in Blogland! Oh! For the love of book tours, marketing, and inventory control, life as a new independent publisher with my first book off the press has me running to and fro with activity! Learn more HERE about all my growing into greater things . . . How I miss a more regular reflective time for writing and … [Read more...]

Ruminations on “The Story”

It's Random Journal Day with our own Enthusiastic Dawn and I am feeling the conviction of making time for my long ignored blog to post something of relevance to this Holy Week. My days are not my own since publishing my book--far too many details for all the hats I'm wearing as an independent publisher. I am weary. AND--I miss blogging . . . for … [Read more...]

Remembering that Rose

So it's March and it's snowing and I have purposely put my snowmen and all things wintertime decor away in their storage bins, tucking them in the basement until next year. Bring on the SPRINGTIME! My home is awash in bunnies and tulips and baby chicks and plenty of floral arrangements in anticipation of this weekend's time change and … [Read more...]

In a Word or Two – 2015

Every year has its image shaping trends. Be it faddy fashions, mania behaviors, craze diets, or vogue must-see-TV, human history is replete with sages and rages marking the date indelibly with the latest what-all. Buzz-words of the day are especially iconic on this list. Remember when being "swell" turned into "feeling groovy" which became … [Read more...]

Variety is the Spice of Journaling

If there's one question I absolutely hate and will NOT EVER answer without a great many disclaimers of one sort or another, it is this vile inquiry: What is your FAVORITE _________? Really? I HAVE to have a FAVORITE whatever? No. It's too hard. So many things delight my soul and make my spirit soar with inspiration. I hate to be tied down … [Read more...]

Spinning Fear & Pain into Gold

Welcome to October 2014 "In Word & Image" @ The Writer's Reverie! Each week I explore monthly themes using Scripture combined with visuals & a devotional thought! Ruminate with me. Be inspired in your heart. Be captivated by His beauty. Be enriched in the timeless treasury of His gifts. Be challenged to go forth with purpose and live … [Read more...]

Five Minute Friday: Tell Me a Story

Five Minute Friday: When we take one word and write for five minutes. Where will that word lead? This week: TELL Ready . . . Set . . . GO! Tell me a story I hear those words often. I tell stories for a living. I become the story. My voice, movement and costume embrace character and plot. Planted on a stage. There are plenty of … [Read more...]

Writer’s Blog Hop & New Pen Friends

Enthusiastically Dawn sent me a characteristically enthusiastic invitation a couple of weeks ago. I was honored that she thought of ME.  She thought I'd be game for an intriguing blog hop for writers: to encourage, inspire and introduce us, one to another, with answers to four questions on our writing life, and our introduction of three blog … [Read more...]

All My Favorite Things on Mother’s Day

When you work for yourself, you're not used to pampering. You wake with a long list of things to accomplish each day - each one dependent on the other thing, and ultimately it will only get done by you. The weeks move ever onward with far too much busy and an over-abundance of details to attend to. So you'll excuse me if Mother's Day crept up … [Read more...]

Bright and Beautiful Give-Away Winner!

Glorious greetings on this eve of April! My daffodil buds are about to bloom, followed shortly thereafter by my pink tulips, I expect! A great way to bid farewell to a winter that has decidedly overstayed its welcome in most of the country. Closing out the month of March, I enjoyed a lovely time this past week hosting my first link-up party … [Read more...]

Seamus & Shamrock Farewell Tea

March is blowing out like a lion in my neck of the country today. Temperatures in the '20's and snow expected overnight. Again. Hope my budding daffodils survive to thrive . . . And, just when I'm getting all my bunnies and Beatrix Potter out to play, too! No matter. March has flown by and my Blogoversary celebrations are wrapping up … [Read more...]

Gone With the Wind

. . . for they said, “Let us seize for our own use     these pasture lands of God!”  O my God, scatter them like tumbleweed,     like chaff before the wind! Psalm 83:12-13 January is coming to a close - have you tossed the chaff to the Wind yet? You know the stuff I mean: Cares carried over from last year you find that you still … [Read more...]

The Tea Widows Society Meeting

The snows did not impede. Tea water was boiling and Apple Blossom was about to call the meeting to order. Teatime on a snowy day was never in danger of cancellation due to inclement weather. In fact, it was most eagerly anticipated as not only a pleasurable diversion, but a necessity to combat a winter chill - especially when ice and snow were … [Read more...]

Welcome March – Goodbye Rose

March - the month when spring finally makes her long awaited entrance!  A new season to take joy in God's creation!! With rushing winds and gloomy skies The dark and stubborn winter dies; Far-off, unseen, spring faintly cries, Bidding her earliest child arise; MARCH!   Bayard Taylor OH!  If you've been following my January rose post . . … [Read more...]

February Rose Sonnet

Well, readers - yet another month has passed and we are well into winter with all her bizarre thermostatic ups and downs.  Just four days ago - it was 60 degrees here in Southern New Jersey - then the cold winds came and blustered about, swelling freezing temperatures, once again.  This morning - we awoke to a carpet of glorious white draping all … [Read more...]

January Rose

My January Rose Frozen in pose Notwithstanding my frozen nose Nor my heavily booted toes Why art thou in bud?     Since the fall You have braved tall Through wind, rain, and all Remaining still small   Wilt thou ever bloom?   The winter chill Keeps you dwarfed to nil In vibrant color you thrill Pink with promise until . . … [Read more...]