Podcast Episode #6: Spiritual Keepsakes & Ruby for Women

Spiritual Keepsakes on Trial-Laden Road Trips is an abridged chapter excerpt from my latest book, The Gatekeeper's Key! CLICK TO VOTE FOR THE GATEKEEPER'S KEY in the INDIE BOOKS AWARDS 2018! Help this important devotional book get into more hands, hearts, and lives this year! Thank you for your support! Read on to learn more . . … [Read more...]

Vacation Pinks with Kenzie

June brings summer and storms and vacation week for me and hubby. We packed the bags and were off for a week in New England with my son, daughter-in-love, and that grand-girl of mine, Kenzie! While South Jersey had two destructive storms the week we were away (no damage to our home, praise the Lord!) we enjoyed lovely cool nights with breezes … [Read more...]

Fall Teatime with Mother Chicken

Welcome Fall and Teatime in Blogland! What a whirlwind of a summer I had! I completely missed all the summer teatimes in the swirl of all my life changing busy! Fall finds me trying to get my bearings in the middle of the biggest thing I have ever set myself to do! Stopping for tea with harvest themes and a couple dear friends is just the … [Read more...]

Summer’s End: Birthdays and Baptism

Summer's end is always the beginning. In our family we celebrate the beginning of a new year to glorify God with my birthday, and my grand-girl's birthday, just days apart - in addition to the beginning of a new school year with all the joys and anticipation of new growth before us! For years, that meant me and my two children heading off to … [Read more...]

All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up #5

Summer's end and school is upon us! Time to review our August summer fun at the All Things Bright & Beautiful Link-up! Currently, I'm on another grand-girl adventure in New England celebrating her 4th birthday! She starts preschool this year - I can't be more proud! You see, she'll be going to school with her Mommy and Daddy who teach at … [Read more...]

Martha Washington in Bloom

Preparing for the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference this month has me remiss in Blogland. I am barely lurking and only posting once a week. Thanks, Lisa Jo, for the Five Minute Friday writing prompt! The word for the week is BLOOM. Ha! Great word! This week was my monthly gig at The Garden Center @ Seper's Nursery where I … [Read more...]

New England Travel Journal 2014

One of my favorite things to do each year is taking a vacation to visit my son and his family - and that grand-girl of mine, little Mackenzie Joy! Ed and I drove north some six hours and arrived with hugs and kisses all around and much anticipation for making memories and family fun. Our first day involved some round the house fun as we … [Read more...]

Grand-Girl in the Pink!

I know it's time to parade my Patriotic Pinks this week, but they shall have to wait til the 4th of July Pink Saturday Weekend proper. I've been traveling to patriotic New England - John and Abigail Adams and Paul Revere country - on my bi-annual trip to visit my son and his family. Precious memories are pressed into my heart and plenty of images … [Read more...]

A Retro Winter Day

The sun's out and hopefully the temps will climb with some much desired melting of the snow dumped last night - another six inches in our region. Brrrrrr . . . It's an ETSY afternoon today at Cameo Impressions! While the snow and ice do their wintry thing out my window, I'm making the most of a bitterly cold day with this cheery fellow! He's … [Read more...]