Are You a Literacy Cat?

I love to read. I love to write. I love cats. Put all three together and you pretty much have the lifestyle elements of my day--topped off by a cuppa tea, of course. Reading in the morning in my "secret place" corner involves my Bible (I'm rediscovering the riches of the Amplified with all those meaty definitions tucked right into the text … [Read more...]

Wool Socks on Sunday

Our church meets in a freezer. Not your average kitchen freezer--it's a little larger than that. A lot larger, actually. You see, we meet in the middle of open farmland fields, renting an old brick cinder-block armory. Uninsulated. It's spacious inside--from the cement floors to the almost three story high open ceiling, where what heat the … [Read more...]

Sligo-Bound Winner’s Cup & Teacups

I spend two delightful hours each week working with eleven year old Haley Richardson, on her blog at Tuneful Journeys. She details her busy young life playing gigs and competitions as a Irish fiddler, having played with some of the biggest names in Irish folk music like John Whelan and The Chieftains. On this particular Tuesday morning, I am … [Read more...]

NoteCard Wednesday: Tea Lady Collection

Greetings, all! Joyful to be joining the fun at Vee's NoteCard Wednesday this month! Upon review of my posts this past month, I kept returning to the fun teatime post I did about some of the new slang words for taking tea that have made it into an official collection of slang language recently: blish, chupley and splosh. You may enjoy that bit … [Read more...]

On the Subject of Heirlooms

Dearest Brenda - blogging at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me - blessed my socks off this week with one of her posts! She spoke earlier this month about this year's "WORD" - like many of us have been sharing. For instance: In the midst of a career transition with my future looking fuzzy, at best - I'm stepping out in faith finally pursuing some long … [Read more...]

Pink in the Process

The New Year brings fresh starts! Gone are the faded colors of a weary old year's routine that has - in more ways than one - come undone by a holiday hustle and bustle.  Fresh starts demand a Process Appraisal.  I have determined that this year, the Process of my work life and personal goals needs an uptick - with swaths of PINK to make it … [Read more...]

Making Beautiful Things

Katherine Corner is asking us to post something that we just love on Thursday Favorite Things.  That's easy for me this week!  I've been working joyously to ready myself for my first craft show of the season on Saturday, and spent yesterday creating three BEAUTIFUL THINGS! Decidedly one of my FAVORITE THINGS to do! Inspired by the Grace and … [Read more...]

Blog Shop: Tea and Verses

Mmmmm . . . yum! I'm enjoying a cozy cuppa tea and back from my teatime post break after creating a cute little ditty about Pumpkin Dollops and a naughty squirrel.  But, mostly - it was all about the verses in a vintage book that inspired me. I have a number of vintage books that I'm preparing to put on my Etsy shelves, but will have to wait … [Read more...]

It’s Moving Day!

WooHoo!   It's MOVING DAY! Yep - finally, a long awaited move to WORDPRESS is upon me this weekend as Kristi over at LINAUER DESIGNS has transferred my Blogspot to my own hosting at WordPress.  Next week I shall be settling in and slowly re-designing a new look to my blog and pages and I HOPE I don't lose any of you in the process - posts, … [Read more...]

Irish Blessing in a Pot

“These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.” Gilbert Highet Ah, yes!  A truer word was never spoken when it comes to the way I think of my own stacks filled with any number of tomes detailing the tales of England, Scotland, and Ireland!  It is there that I escape to the green landscape of the Irish farmlands, … [Read more...]

Petals in Pink

The craft season is upon us and Miss Kathy is up to her rhinestone glasses in frothy fabrics from which she is fabricating frilly florals for fashionable females . . . do TRY to say that ten times fast!Petals in Pink!  And, purples, and golds, and yellows, and blues, and all manner of hues will bedeck and bedazzle my future Etsy customers when I … [Read more...]

Wearing a Garment of Joy

What a mess! I really ruined my lap-desk working a project some time back with glue sticks - and landing most of the glue all over the desk!  How thoughtless and sinful of me to not take precautions and cover my work surface.Well . . . there's only one thing for it . . .A cup of tea, of course!  In a lovely square-shaped mug peppered joyfully with … [Read more...]

September Harvest

A little early for harvest, you say?  Not for me.  Never for me when September 1st rolls around.September always kicks off with my birthday.  Comes precisely on time every year that way.  When I was a kid, I  looked forward to it with great anticipation of cake and gifts and the annual family party to celebrate little me.Some fifty-four years have … [Read more...]

Birthday Pinks

Fare-the-well, Summer, for September is upon us and I am another year older.Image from Little Birdie BlessingsYes - it is birthday month for me and I daresay I have had my fill of birthday celebrations of late!  Specifically, that of my grandbaby, Mackenzie Joy who turned three years old this week.Nana Kathy had the joy of celebrating her big day … [Read more...]

Reflecting on Current Events

So grieved today to be reading all the hype and catching snapshot glimpses of another child exploited beyond recognition of humanity.  For my part, I saw it coming - a wolf in sheep's clothing.  When millions of little girls ran out to the store a handful of years ago, to don wigs so they could look like their pop star idol and fill their minds … [Read more...]

Nana Duty

Another Pink Saturday and another one of my favorite things to post about - that perfect grandchild of mine.  You know the type - don't we ALL have one if we are of the "nana" age? She's just the most beautiful princess!So, I'm packing my bags and heading north to New England to help celebrate THREE delightful years of this precious little soul … [Read more...]

Of Teacups and Healthy Treats

Is there anything more delightful to greet me in the morning than my quiet time corner with my favorite devotional reading and that first sip of tea?Very possibly!  When it is followed in the afternoon by the gift of a new teacup from a dear friend!Recently, I was beyond delighted to enjoy both, one day, when my friend, Nikkole, dropped by with … [Read more...]

Morning Rumination

Why do we doubt the work of the Lord in our lives as though He were some drunk driver who can't be trusted behind the wheel - erratically steering the car of our lives this way and that with no rhyme or reason?It is my own understanding that can't be trusted!  I know my mind is more given to erratic steering when I think I've got it all figured out … [Read more...]

Inspirational Afternoon

Nothing makes me feel more "in the pink" than to enjoy one of "my favorite things" - spending an afternoon with kindred spirits who share the same passions as I do.  INSPIRATION is sure to be the fruit of such an excursion - and indeed was this past week! My friend, Diane, introduced me to an artist friend of hers at an event recently and the … [Read more...]

Beach Bash Foot Bath

Vacation Bible School at Calvary Chapel Vineland comes every Wednesday evening throughout July and August - and with no small about of surprises!  So, it was business as usual this past week when Mr. Ed instructed each of his classes to "Take off your socks and shoes!"Now - that is a matter of course on a sandy beach.  However, on this grassy field … [Read more...]

Beach Bash – Looking Up!

Our Beach Bash VBS at Calvary Chapel Vineland each week is bursting with youngsters and dedicated Bible teachers and mentors turning our lush green grounds into a beach party with lots of hard work and imagination!  Fearless leader, Miss Brenda, pulls everything together from her beach hut office . . .Last week we were challenged to MEET UP WITH … [Read more...]

Royal Baby Shower Teatime

My ticket was in hand and we were ready to go!  Just needed to finish our teatime look with appropriate vintage hats, gloves, and purses . . .My friend, Nikkole, and I were going to tea.  A very special tea - on Princess Kate's due date a couple of weeks ago!  It was hosted by our tea shop friend, Karan, at Across the Pond Tea Shop - often featured … [Read more...]

Kiddie Pinks

Summertime is chock full of pinks!  I seem to find them everywhere I look!Of course, my front garden is teaming with them . . .But, that's to be expected when you plant on-purpose PINK!  Little bits of pink that brighten up the yard - and my face and heart - when I see them.But - not so much as other little bits of pink I might catch a glimpse of … [Read more...]

Christmas in July Thrift Store Teatime

It's 95 degrees in the shade - but no matter - Zena and Phyllis are keeping cool by celebrating Christmas in July with a teatime romp, thrift store strolling downtown today!First - their favorite tea stop on High Street in Millville, New Jersey - ACROSS THE POND TEA SHOP - where all things Merry Christmas are on sale at 50% off!Zena is particularly … [Read more...]

Meme Making

Just a little "Show and Tell" today!  My NEW favorite thing - MEME MAKING!You know, I can get pretty lost for hours scrolling through blogs and - dare I log-in on Pinterest - feeding to my fill on the creative inspiration in word and deed posted for all to see.  I comment on the blogs - and then "pin" my favorites.  On Pinterest - I re-pin and … [Read more...]