How to Make a Cameo Impression

Some things never change. Like my own love of old things and the stories they tell. Pictures from my childhood record my efforts to make my 1960's attire look Victorian. I wanted to look like the Gibson Girl of the 1890's, though I didn't have the hair for it. I was fascinated by sketches of fashion and beauty in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, … [Read more...]

A Vintage Valentine Story

My dear elder friend treated me to a glimpse of her childhood when she shared her vintage Valentines with me. At age 92, she is spry and spirited with a million tales to tell--all well documented via scrapbooks and journals and photo albums and letters. On this particular day, it was her Valentine scrapbook filled with wonders that had me … [Read more...]

Snow Time Like March for February Pinks

Happy Belated Pink Saturday to one and all! I had every intention of posting yesterday morning - but my day did not move along quite as I'd hoped. My photos were ready but my text copy was waiting in the wings when the landscape of my day shifted and my computer was not a part of my activities for the remainder of it. Don't you just love those … [Read more...]

Valentines for Me!

You know - it has been years since I've received a Valentine! Valentine from Little Birdie Blessings This is not to say that my hubby has been remiss - not at all.  Hubby and romantic type Valentines are not in question here.  I'm talking about those hand-made goodies we did when we were in school - eons ago!  Sometime they … [Read more...]