A Very Vintage Christmas

Sing hey! Sing hey! For Christmas Day; Twine mistletoe and holly. For a friendship glows In winter snows, And so let's all be jolly! Author Unknown A Merry Christmas to one and all this most anticipated week of the year! I've not had the time to post as regularly as I used to with so many new adventures on my plate since summer. I have … [Read more...]

Fall Teatime with Mother Chicken

Welcome Fall and Teatime in Blogland! What a whirlwind of a summer I had! I completely missed all the summer teatimes in the swirl of all my life changing busy! Fall finds me trying to get my bearings in the middle of the biggest thing I have ever set myself to do! Stopping for tea with harvest themes and a couple dear friends is just the … [Read more...]

Easter Pink

Bunnies and Eggs - Easter icons. Rabbits emerging from their winter dens like Jesus breaking out of the tomb - NEW LIFE - springing alive from the cold winter sleep. Breaking free from an egg - NEW LIFE - and the innocence of the baby chick breaking from its shell to grow into greater things . . . As Christ's resurrection promises … [Read more...]

Fancy a Spot of Blish?

Taking tea has always been a genteel tradition aglow in the glories of elegant pastries, sumptuous scents, stunning china patterns, lace and flowers - and engaging conversation on thoughtful and inspirational topics. These are the moments we attempt to capture in image and an occasional recipe when we meet here each week. They are classic hallmarks … [Read more...]

Vintage Beauty and Art

What a great time I've been having in my studio adding mixed media collage tags in vintage loveliness to my works! I'm showing them this weekend, so I want to share a quick few photos with you to lift your spirits with joy and gladness in the light of beautiful things!     Back to the studio!! Sharing Vintage Beauty and Art … [Read more...]

Kovels’, Kitties and Kindreds

My friend Diane came to tea - and just look at what she brought me! Ain't he sweet? A retro whimsey KITTY teapot holding fast to his fishy find in retro shades of teal and orange! Too FAB! I shall have to name him, of course. And, plan a whimsey teatime with my kindred bunny, doggy, flamingo, duck and Queen Bess teapots. That will take some … [Read more...]

The Tea Widows Society Meeting

The snows did not impede. Tea water was boiling and Apple Blossom was about to call the meeting to order. Teatime on a snowy day was never in danger of cancellation due to inclement weather. In fact, it was most eagerly anticipated as not only a pleasurable diversion, but a necessity to combat a winter chill - especially when ice and snow were … [Read more...]