My Pink Life

Many thanks, Beverly, for featuring me on PINK SATURDAY this week.  It is a delight to share a few of my pinkier traits with you as I welcome your visits to The Writer's Reverie.I'm a contemplative at heart . . .   Always seeking the solace of sanctuary to collect my thoughts and consider my next creative endeavor.  Here's a nice spot under my … [Read more...]

My Literary Cats

Well, the dust is settled and all props and costumes for my end-of-year drama recital featuring my first, second, and third grade drama students is tucked away after our gala event Tuesday night.  I kept my classes today simple and turned to the soothing balm of story to regroup with some fun.But, the end of my school day couldn't come swiftly … [Read more...]

He Wonders as He Wanders

L.A.C.E. Disclaimer:  I just had to share this little bit of LACE with you - even though it takes me out of my home and into the woodlands and waterways - a retreat where I feel that I come "home" in a more interior way.  I love to wonder as I wander through Creations' home decor, drinking in - perhaps not a cup of tea - but the Glory of God in … [Read more...]

Tea to the Rescue!

The tea!  The tea! The wholesome tea!          The black, the green, the mix’d, the good, the strong Bohea!          For it’s good for the nerves, and warms my heart,          And from it I will never part          And death, whenever he comes to me,          Will find me drinking a good strong cup of tea.The Tea Early 19th Century Song You … [Read more...]

Cloistered in Worship!

 Look…Sapphire skies.Listen…Seaside sounds.Feel…Whirling winds.Smell…Fragrant Fields.Taste…Plentiful PlattersThe banquet of CreationSpeaking.Rejoice…Melodic Moments.Revel…Stirring Stories.Reflect…Wondering Words.Retreat…Pastoral Places.In His Contemplative PresenceRenewed.In all intimacy and abandonA place of awed speechlessnessYet dynamic … [Read more...]

The Vintage Bride

"So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep.  While the man slept, the Lord God took one of the man's ribs - a part of the man's side - and closed up the opening.  Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib - the man's side - and He brought her to the man.  "At last!" the man exclaimed.  "This one is bone from my bone, and flesh from … [Read more...]

Living in the Pink!

Well, I think it's about time to introduce the very elegant Lady Utopia Eldora Montague to all and sundry.  She who began her "pink" and purposeful literary life as a half price Gothic bust in the Halloween clearance aisle at Michael's Arts and Crafts store.The Backstory:  I was looking for inspiration for a script I was brooding over for my … [Read more...]

Serendipitous Lace

I saw a woodchuck!Odd that I almost missed him, mistaking him for a greyish/brown shopping bag stuck on a tree branch and blowing in the wimd.  I was driving into the local mall and taking the back road, nestled between a parking lot and a stretch of overgrown grass and saplings.  My mind was busy with the zillion of quick stops I had to make in … [Read more...]

Tea and Sanctuary

Coming to the end of a hectic school year, I am ready for retreat.  Sadly the three months or so I'd like to spend in solace and reverential reflection in a cozy thatched roof cottage somewhere in the middle of an idyllic English countryside village - will not be forthcoming.Not to fear - I have learned the art of creating sanctuary.  A cozy corner … [Read more...]

Color Me Pink!

I'm so excited!  I'm going to my first blog party at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound's Pink Saturdays!  I've never done this before and I'm a little nervous, but I wore one of my PINKEST hats, circa 1940's, along with one of my spring PINKvintage-look costumes - quite a find from the thrift store!  It's what folks expect me to look like when I … [Read more...]

Hats Off to the Ladies!

May and June come each year with a whirl of activity - not the least of which being the season for Mother/Daughter Banquets - and that means speaking engagements for me where I'm invited me to share memorable thoughts about beauty and womanhood. So, I had to "bring out the girls".  That's what I call my vintage hat collection.  My parade of … [Read more...]

Nook What’s New!

"Choose an author as you choose a friend"Sir Christopher Wren   Well, I did it.  Been planning if for a while.  But, today, it is a done deal.  Miss Kathy has officially stepped into a Nook World of reading.  I am compiling my "friend" list of invitee's to my new library!But, first - I must set up all the furniture before I can have anyone take up … [Read more...]

I Remember Mama . . .

Mother's Day again.  I woke up this morning to be honored by my cats, Copperfield and Emma, who apparently snuck out to go shopping - and even decorated a gift bag with "purr's" and "meow's" - within which they tucked the honeybee teapot I once remarked that I'd like to own.  Or, so my husband told me.And, then my daughter blessed me with a Willow … [Read more...]

On With the Show – Parable Players Make Headlines!

I'm in the middle of three weeks of major productions!  How I long for a few minutes to review some of my favorite blogs - not to mention write one myself!Instead, I shall share with you a few photos from our Parable Player production of Vineland Makes Headlines performed by eight of my home school theatre students last week to standing ovations … [Read more...]

Miracles in Small Packages

Miss Kathy People always seem to be fascinated by what I do."A storyteller?"  they muse.  "That sounds so . . . interesting . . . "Then, as if connecting with something long lost in the depths of their beings, they'll smile with a gleam of realization sparkling suddenly in their eyes.  "That sounds like so much fun!  I would love to do … [Read more...]

A Season for Change: Re-arranging Furniture

Well, the spring bin is emptied, and the living room and dining room are refreshed with seasonal decor celebrating bird houses, bunnies, and bouquets.  Been moving some furniture around, cleaning under couches, behind dressers, and between bookcases.  Made quite a mess in the process of the transition, too.  Now, though, I can sit back and enjoy … [Read more...]

Pot Holes in Pathways

DISCLAIMER:  The author humbly apologizes for the following blog and the stream of mixed metaphors, seemingly unrelated, to which the reader will be subjected.  I'm on deadline!  Now, don't get me wrong.  I like a good deadline.  It's a boundary.  Helps me to keep a calendar schedule down to earth, and can be useful for planning and goal setting.  … [Read more...]

In the Garden with Beatrix Potter

This week we welcome spring and I, for one, am happy to do so!  The seasonal change holds many promises - not the least of which is my front yard wildflower garden, whose charms I only discovered last year.  More on that in a subsequent post.  But, for the moment, spring holds fond thoughts of Gardens, Grandma, and Beatrix.  Photo from … [Read more...]

The Story of St. Patrick

“Wherever they went the Irish brought with them their books . . . tied to their waists as signs of triumph, just as Irish heroes had one tied to their waists their enemies’ heads. Wherever they went they brought their love of learning and their skills in bookmaking. In the bays and valleys of their exile, they re-established literacy and … [Read more...]

I think on these things . . .

"There is not a form that lives in the world, but is a window cloven through the blank darkness of nothingness, to let us look into the heart, and feeling, and nature of God . . .This world is not merely a thing which God hath made subjecting it to laws; but it is an expression of the thought, the feeling, the heart of God Himself." Photo from … [Read more...]

The Writer’s Reverie

Despite all my best intentions, I got bogged down with my blog in 2010.  Blogging is a hobby - and I have precious little time to explore hobbies when my vocation beckons.  Actually, I turned my hobby into my vocation, so I am not without respites of joyful activity.  I love my job - my ministry, if you will - as a professional storyteller, … [Read more...]