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PODCAST Author and storyteller, Kathryn Ross, invites you to a cozy retreat through the power of His Story! God’s riches in history, the arts, and the glories of Creation, take center stage at The Writer’s Reverie Podcast. Dramatized readings ignite a love of learning and literacy for the Christian family, as biblical truths come to life for children of all ages. Engaging topics inform and enrich seeking hearts, with sweet morsels of thoughtful reflection. Words to lighten both the day and the darkness–because telling His Story always leads to all good things and beauty.

Episode #15–Irish Storytelling: Legend and Love

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Storytelling is an important facet of Irish culture. Their tales descend from olden days, when the first Celtic societies settled the rugged, green Irish landscapes. The Irish have always understood the power of story and were instrumental in restoring literacy and learning to Western Europe after the fall of Rome thrust civilization into the dark ages. Stories of legend and love permeate their culture–and one in particular is my favorite. I share my own adaptation on The Legend of the Claddagh with a wee bit o’ the Irish brogue and a slice of melodrama for a sweet St. Patrick’s Day podcast. 

Epidode #14–The Key of Love and Locked Iron Gates

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Have you felt stuck on this side of a locked iron gate, able to see through to the other side where so much promise awaits–but for the KEY to unlock and open the way for crossing thresholds? Yeah–it’s about “what the starling said” and some dramatized scnes from Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park

Episode #13–Vintage Conversations: A New Year Meditation


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Settle down with a cuppa tea and some conversation with two voices from over one hundred years ago as I share this dramatized chapter reading on entering a new year in The Joyful Life, by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster, published in 1903. You’ll love these “vintage voices” talking about topics that are still relevant to Christian women in 2017. A sense of sisterhood across the generations binds us together no matter the years that pass. Take Joy! 

Episode #12–A Vintage Voice from a Christmas Past


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I came into possession of a glorious antique book by Margaret E. Sangster, a prolific writer and magazine editor in the 19th and early 20th century. The green and gold embossed, cloth covered treasure featured a collection of her devotional thoughts in a glorious 1903 edition titled The Joyful LifeI’m sharing some excerpts from a chapter called, Christmas Holly, with Mrs. Sangster’s thoughts for marking the day in your home, with your family, and the community at large, authored over a century ago. She writes eloquently on five specific topics:

  1. On the Glory of the Season
  2. On Children and Christmas
  3. On Christmas Ornamentations
  4. On Christmas Presents
  5. On the True Meaning of Christmas

Episode #11–Salt on the Table


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Has your salt lost its flavor? Looking at the condition of our nation in present times, with the uptick of ungodliness and unrighteousness in our land, it would appear that the Christian’s “God Flavors” have been far too contained in our cozy pantries rather than being spilt out liberally to heal our land in crucial places, and restore our God-given republic. Let’s talk about that . . . for such times as these . . .

Episode #10–Election Year Message: Come Down to Earth and Be Still

Podcast Episode 10: Election Year Message

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In this stormy election year, we feel like we’re on a pendulum swinging to and fro with unrest. What a whirlwind season we are living through on God’s historical timeline! Are you feeling short of breath, void of peace, perplexed in mind, and weary in spirit? Welcome to Election 2016. But, more to the point–welcome to my Election Year Message via podcast: Come Down to Earth and Be Still

Episode #9–Why Reading Aloud as a Family Matters Today

Writer's Reverie Podcast Episode 9 Stop for a Story

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How did a poetry book from 1925 from a love story with a sad ending set me on a course for the passion I have for books and reading? When modern living  with all its rush-about busyness, and the stresses of life in the 21st century, fractured families need to come to a complete STOP! and take into consideration a tried and true activity to restore the authority of the home, cement familial relationships, enhance academic prowess on all levels, and make cherished memories one with another. We turn back the clock to learn what the family understood to be true to these purposes 100 years ago. Defining the terms of “family literacy” is my back-to-school message this year with the why, how, and recommendations for making reading aloud together a priority in your home. 

Episode #8–When Mice Make Way for the Lion’s Roar

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

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Ever feel like you’re just too small to make any difference when big scary schemes threaten to upend your world? I think a lot of folks have been feeling like that of late. Perfect time to re-read C. S. Lewis’ classic for one of the most underrated scenes in the story–but one that is relevant to our calling in such times as these. Dramatizations featured from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe–plus additional resources and journal prompts.

Episode #7–Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History

Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History

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When George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross to create the first American flag in the spring of 1776, his design featured a six-pointed star. He thought cutting equal sides in a six-pointed star would be easier than five points. However, Betsy knew better. Learn her story in this month’s podcast titled: Patriots, Petticoats, and Providential History. 

EPISODE #6: Spiritual Keepsakes on Trial-Laden Road Trips

Spiritual Keepsakes on Trial Laden Road Trips podcast

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When the road trips of your life become one mountain peak after another with seemingly no end, the travel companions you allow in the passenger seat can make all the difference between steering madly off a cliff and trucking on with patient endurance until you’ve arrived at your destination. I lived this first hand the year I moved to Idaho and had to cross the Grand Teton Mountains. I’m living it now–in circumstances that feel like unending mountains in my life. How about you? What kind of souvenir keepsakes will you take home from a trial-laden road trip? This is the audio version of an article published in the June 2016 issue of Ruby for Women Magazine.

EPISODE #5: The Gatekeeper’s Key

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Are you seeking gatekeepers in your life? What must you do to be worthy of an invitation . . . to be worthy of a Key to Opportunity so you can cross the threshold of your portal to potential? Enjoy this metaphorical story as Miss Kathy introduced you to Weaver, whose words are threaded together into a tapestry of story. But, when she meets with others in the marketplace where those tales are traded, she shrinks back from venturing forward to petition the Master Story Weaver–the Gatekeeper–for the Key to Opportunity. But, what happens on this particular day could change her world . . . if she accepts the invitation. Will she go? Whether you’re a writer or other creative, or whether you’re seeking to step fully into the Field of Your Dreams, whatever they may be, you will be inspired and challenged by this tale. BONUS details on how you can get the companion E-Book FREE to The Gatekeeper’s Key included.

EPISODE #4: Holy Moments in No Man’s Land

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Once again, Miss Kathy takes her listeners back in time to Christmas Eve of 1914, in the trenches of France where the British and Germans were dug-in a scant 30 feet away from each other–No Man’s Land. But, what’s that sound rising from their hiding places in the ground? Miss Hilda remembers it well as she sits almost lifeless in an assisted living common room listening to Miss Kathy tell the tale. What’s that sound rising from her own voice when Miss Kathy begins to sing the familiar carol, Silent Night, in German? Not a dry eye will be had as this true story linking yesterday with today and the power of Christ’s coming celebrated at Christmas come full circle through the power of story.

EPISODE #3: From Leyden to Liberty

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Take a whirlwind trip through time to events leading up to the Plimoth Plantation Thanksgiving in 1621! Miss Kathy lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of this historic event in American history and it’s impact on us today. From the English pilgrims unrest in their homeland due to persecution, to their uneasy stay in the secular culture of Holland to the treacherous crossing of the Atlantic and establishing of a colony in the cold climate of the Massachusetts Bay on Cape Cod, this true tale of Christian faith and resilience, miraculous provision, and truly grateful hearts is always inspirational. Learn the folk ballad sung on Plimoth Plantation about the daily trials of living in this fledgling colony–and how they always “praised Jehovah for our God is good.”

EPISODE #2: When the Pageant Wagon Comes to Town

When the Pageant Wagon Comes to Town, The Writers Reverie Podcast Episode 2, Kathryn Ross

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When I was teaching in a Principle Approach school some 20 years ago, I had to create a curriculum about the history of drama and storytelling. Little did I know then how my research and teaching of that course would become part of the fibers of my being. When I studied the impact of the Pageant Wagons of the middle ages on the landscape of Europe for the purposes of advancing the Gospel and restoring literacy and learning to the masses–through the power of story and the arts–I knew this would become part of the rest of my life. Learn the epic tale that was the seed-bed of my literacy advocacy speaking programs and publishing as Pageant Wagon Productions and Pageant Wagon Publishing. Grab a cuppa tea and enjoy a 20 minute epic adventure of story!

Episode #1–Expect the Extraordinary: What I Learned from a Woodchuck

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In this debut episode, Kathryn Ross shares a “burning bush moment” in the guise of a woodchuck. Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by coming face to face with the “extraordinary” in the course of your very “ordinary” day? Do you rush by–or stop. And take the time to hear God’s voice whisper to your heart. SPECIAL FEATURE: Read along with the storytelling in this short spoken word dramatization of an article of the same name published in the FREE online Christian magazine Autumn 2015 issue of Ruby for Women.

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