Celebrate Thanksgiving with Storytime

CLICK to Listen to From Leyden to Liberty as a family, PLUS links to bonus blog posts, books, and free printables for teaching and learning America's Christian History and why we celebrate this Thanksgiving Day! Includes links to: The Pilgrim Chronicles: Thanksgiving Stories for the Stage Teaching Resource, by Kathryn Ross 5-Part … [Read more...]

American Foundations for the 4th of July

On this 4th of July in 2015 . . . Red, white, and blue are the ONLY colors I'm flying in any flag to represent the United States of America. Our nation's title has become quite the oxymoron in these recent days of manipulated divisions and contrived crisis. Helter-skelter headlines have eroded hard won foundations by the first "greatest … [Read more...]

Celebrating the 4th! His Story Speaks for Itself!

I fancy myself a writer.  Often, however, I concede that I am a mere wanna-be.  For when it comes to sharing in words my heart for our nation's acknowledged anniversary, the 4th of July, I am a poor scribe.  Trying to sound eloquent in the company of Jefferson's, Adam's, and Hancock's - just the tip of the iceberg of the most articulate generation … [Read more...]