Rant on the Red, White, and Blue

Have you seen the news? I am appalled--but not surprised. Mostly, my heart is breaking. Allow me the luxury of a rant . . . I wrote the following post a week before the tragedy and failure of our nation's elite leadership, on July 5th. On that day these "elected" individuals publicly exposed what reasonable, God-fearing, right-thinking people have … [Read more...]

American Foundations for the 4th of July

On this 4th of July in 2015 . . . Red, white, and blue are the ONLY colors I'm flying in any flag to represent the United States of America. Our nation's title has become quite the oxymoron in these recent days of manipulated divisions and contrived crisis. Helter-skelter headlines have eroded hard won foundations by the first "greatest … [Read more...]

Patriots in the Pink!

As we gather together from sea to shining sea this weekend for fireworks, fellowship, and flag waving celebrating our nation's birth, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the "pertinent pinks" that were a major contributor to the mission of independence our Founding Fathers embarked upon. Hence - our Founding Mothers! Abigail Adams … [Read more...]