Lady Summer’s Wildflower Pinks!

"Now reigns the Lady Summer,Round whose feetA thousand fairies flock with blossoms sweet."Cicely Mary BarkerLook what little prize my husband brought home for me yesterday!He works for Barnes & Noble and brings me sweet little things occasionally.  In this case - I had provided him with the ISBN number - of the complete four seasons books by Cicely … [Read more...]

Harvest His Blessings: Part 6

Well, this post is a bit late in coming - for those of you who have been following this series on our Calvary Chapel VBS each week.  I was in New England visiting the grand-baby.  My friend, Chrissy, who leads the VBS worship, was good enough to take some photos for me and bring me up to date on last Wednesday evening's garden lessons.Wow!  What a … [Read more...]

Harvest His Blessings: Part 5

Patience!  Have PATIENCE!  The fruit will be ripe for harvest - just WAIT!So, guess what the Fruit of the Spirit is that we studied this week.  Got it in one!  Patience.  Not an easy fruit to bring forth whether you are very young or all grown-up.  We saw evidence of that in the watermelon patch!Just look at all the bounty!Our sharp-eyed gardeners … [Read more...]

Harvest His Blessings: Part 4

Our adventures this week involved big giants, little pests, and proliferating unfriendly plants aplenty!After a hot and sunny week with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, everything that could be growing in our garden seemed to be growing in our garden.  Not all growing things, though, were welcome. WEEDS!  Each week our gardeners have been … [Read more...]

Harvest His Blessings: Part 3

A vibrant early evening sunset greets our VBS gardeners this week as inspections commence amid all things green and growing!  What wonders are discovered - and valuable lessons learned!Our Fruit of the Spirit character value this week is "JOY" and there's plenty to be had as lush foliage spills out of our planting pools with volumes of miniature - … [Read more...]

Harvest His Blessings: Part 2

Big happenings in the garden this week!   Tomatoes to tie up . . . Already bearing fruit with the promise of more to come . . . Not so, though, in the green bean patch.  Oh!  The carnage of it all!  Villain bunnies at it again - and this time they ate it all gone!Well . . . almost all gone.I'd say our green beans got quite a pruning.  Not that we … [Read more...]

Harvest His Blessings: Part 1

I'm very excited about this series of devotions I'm starting this week, chronicling the mid-week VBS at our church.  Normally, I spend my summer in the throes of theatrics producing a big family theatre stage show.  However, we took the summer off from such ventures, and I felt I had the time to lend a hand with the VBS alongside my husband and … [Read more...]

Summer in my Garden

Growing up in the Garden State surrounded by farmland, one would think I'd possess the green thumb on my own account.  After all, my grandparents were gifted gardeners.  Just look at the amazing flora grandpa could boast of in the summer set off by me and my sister circa mid-'60's.And, mom was always able to keep her African Violets alive.  So, … [Read more...]

In the Garden with Beatrix Potter

This week we welcome spring and I, for one, am happy to do so!  The seasonal change holds many promises - not the least of which is my front yard wildflower garden, whose charms I only discovered last year.  More on that in a subsequent post.  But, for the moment, spring holds fond thoughts of Gardens, Grandma, and Beatrix.  Photo from … [Read more...]