Purely Pink!

When I was in school there were at least six other "Kathy's" in my class.  The name Kathy, Cathy, Katherine, Catherine, Kathryn, must have been at the top of the "most popular girl's name" list for a number of years in the late '50's and early '60's.  Distinctions would be made according to our last name initial.  I had the distinction of being the … [Read more...]

A Season for Change: Re-arranging Furniture

Well, the spring bin is emptied, and the living room and dining room are refreshed with seasonal decor celebrating bird houses, bunnies, and bouquets.  Been moving some furniture around, cleaning under couches, behind dressers, and between bookcases.  Made quite a mess in the process of the transition, too.  Now, though, I can sit back and enjoy … [Read more...]