Podcast #14: Key of Love & Locked Gates

The Key of Love and Locked Iron Gates Miss Bertram longs to pass through a locked gate: Yes, certainly the sun shines and the park looks very cheerful, but unluckily that iron gate . . . gives me a  feeling of restraint and hardship. I cannot get out, as the starling said . . . Jane Austen, excerpt from Chapter 10, Mansfield Park Mansfield … [Read more...]

Back-to-School with a Jane Austen Book Review

Labor Day weekend means the bins come up from the basement and my house gets a decorative uptick to the next season. In September that means FALL! I deep clean the furnishings and pack away all the red, white, and blue Americana decor for the switch-out to faux fall leaves, bowls of cinnamon smells, pumpkin gourds, and scarecrows. Then, the … [Read more...]

Hodge Podge Holiday Tea

I am totally unprepared for teatime this week!  Just got out all my Christmas tea things - not too many, as it seems - and after taking inventory, I either need to go shopping or be very creative in molding semi-entertaining tea posts this month!Take, for instance, today.  Much too busy at work and will be tomorrow, too.  Ergo - the following … [Read more...]

A Rose by No Other Jane . . .

I do love my husband!He likes to call himself a workhorse.  He seems to thrive on physical activity - working hard and taking from his work a sense of well being.  Though it is heavy work at times, he does enjoy putting our yard in order.  He will be apt to digging what-nots up and replanting them on a whim.  I leave him to it - a simple joy.And, a … [Read more...]

Tea and Sanctuary

Coming to the end of a hectic school year, I am ready for retreat.  Sadly the three months or so I'd like to spend in solace and reverential reflection in a cozy thatched roof cottage somewhere in the middle of an idyllic English countryside village - will not be forthcoming.Not to fear - I have learned the art of creating sanctuary.  A cozy corner … [Read more...]