Podcast #20: Sticky Stories for Family Read Aloud

The orb spider is back, weaving her sticky businesses just outside my front window. I cringe every October when these eight-legged creatures invade corners of my yard and set up housekeeping. I’ve never been able to manage spiders. They remain a creep factor in my life, inflicting horror to my psyche since childhood.  Perhaps this phobia … [Read more...]

I Remember Mama . . .

Mother's Day again.  I woke up this morning to be honored by my cats, Copperfield and Emma, who apparently snuck out to go shopping - and even decorated a gift bag with "purr's" and "meow's" - within which they tucked the honeybee teapot I once remarked that I'd like to own.  Or, so my husband told me.And, then my daughter blessed me with a Willow … [Read more...]