Blue Willows by the Blue Danube

January in South Jersey has been a mix of spring and winter - putting one in a quandary as to which coat to wear and to boot or not to boot.However, today the chill is crisp and we enjoyed a nighttime snow that glistened in the glow of the lampstand in the middle of the yard, dusting the deck and tundra with lovely whites under the blue of night.  … [Read more...]

Special Delivery Autumn Teatime

Sunday afternoon this week - and we're expecting company!  Cousin, Jill from Bella Rosa Antiques, is stopping by on her way home to Pennsylvania with hubby, Bebe - and my new Shelly teacup I purchased from her Etsy shop - a special delivery!So, when she called to say she'd be here in an hour, I knew just what to whip up for a casual afternoon … [Read more...]

A Rose by No Other Jane . . .

I do love my husband!He likes to call himself a workhorse.  He seems to thrive on physical activity - working hard and taking from his work a sense of well being.  Though it is heavy work at times, he does enjoy putting our yard in order.  He will be apt to digging what-nots up and replanting them on a whim.  I leave him to it - a simple joy.And, a … [Read more...]

Lady Summer’s Wildflower Pinks!

"Now reigns the Lady Summer,Round whose feetA thousand fairies flock with blossoms sweet."Cicely Mary BarkerLook what little prize my husband brought home for me yesterday!He works for Barnes & Noble and brings me sweet little things occasionally.  In this case - I had provided him with the ISBN number - of the complete four seasons books by Cicely … [Read more...]

Tea, Pudding, & Purging

Well, I will need strength for the journey ahead of me.  I am seeking a return to the loveliness of a more organized life with more time for tea, treats, and trinkets.  Devotions get the faith and inspiration ball rolling in the early morning while tea and pudding fortifies for the purge!Into my second week of summer vacation, I now have a plan of … [Read more...]

Tea for the 4th!

John Adams was one of the most brilliant minds America has ever produced.  At his doorstep - as with many other notables of his generation - is laid the laurels for their vision, drive, and sacrifice in the founding of our nation.  I love this particular quote of his as it seems almost prophetic in nature, describing the traditional Fourth of … [Read more...]

Gift from the Tea

The school year ends and summer looms before me with promises of slower days and restful ways.  Once the buses pull away at mid-day on the 30th, our staff has a luncheon planned - and a surprise for our principal!Dear Yvonne has been at the helm of our charter school since its inception and opening day two years ago.  I have been honored to work … [Read more...]

A Whimsical Summer Tea!

Summer is upon us and that means I have two months of weekdays to myself - now that school's out!  Tea treats, book reading, and creative writing are on my list of things to do this summer!  It has been a long time since I've treated myself to such luxuries.  A recent career change has afforded me a return to my muse and I shall feed well this … [Read more...]