Resurrection Spring Pinks

Long time no see . . . me . . . in Blogland! Oh! For the love of book tours, marketing, and inventory control, life as a new independent publisher with my first book off the press has me running to and fro with activity! Learn more HERE about all my growing into greater things . . . How I miss a more regular reflective time for writing and … [Read more...]

Teatime Across the Pond

. . . or, perhaps down the street in the brand new tea shop that has opened in the neighboring town of Millville - in the heart of the Arts District there - named, "Across the Pond".  Just a ten minute drive for me to step into the bliss of the gentile tradition of an English teatime, and the embellishments of all things British.For today's tea, I … [Read more...]

A Lancaster Teatime

How swiftly the days pass - especially when long awaited for get-aways come and go in a trice!This, alas, is the tale told regarding our little weekend in Lancaster County - the heart of America's Amish Country, chock full of quaint little towns and villages, country cooking, antique shops, horse and buggies, and bed and breakfast inns.Speaking of … [Read more...]

Fancy for a Fall Tea!

It's that time of year a gain - Labor Day Weekend - when the closets get put in order and the fall decor bins are brought up from storage in the basement for an afternoon of re-decorating fun!I always like to decorate with something light and entertaining on TV.  This afternoon, I chose one of my "I Love Lucy" DVD's to keep me company.  Ed's at … [Read more...]

Antique Teatime

You will probably get very tired of my Newport photos - at least three more posts I can do on this little trip from last week visiting my son, daughter-in-law, and grandbaby, Mackenzie.  But, I mean, honestly - New England?  And, Newport, Rhode Island at that??Lovely adventures worthy of a post anytime - especially when it involves shopping, … [Read more...]

Tea with Aunt Anne

I suppose my love of tea and teatime is inherited.  We often credit our upbringing with many of our habits and ways and in this regard, tea was a favorite pastime of my grandmother and her two daughters, my mother and my Aunt Anne.Sadly, I cannot share tea with mom or grandma anymore, but I do get the pleasure of Aunt Anne's company for tea on … [Read more...]

Hats Off to the Ladies!

May and June come each year with a whirl of activity - not the least of which being the season for Mother/Daughter Banquets - and that means speaking engagements for me where I'm invited me to share memorable thoughts about beauty and womanhood. So, I had to "bring out the girls".  That's what I call my vintage hat collection.  My parade of … [Read more...]