Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's the last week of February and in years past, I would be wishing my mother a Happy Birthday. However, it has been 13 years since I lost her home to Heaven with the Lord after a two year battle with ovarian cancer.  She was a constant source of inspiration and long suffering through it and I was so blessed to spend quality time with her in … [Read more...]

Late Tea on the Titanic

Forgive my tardiness, good ladies.  I fear I am quite late to the Titanic Tea this week!  Far too many social demands upon my time this weekend - requiring me dockside - has left me scurrying frantically up the gangplank to make it in time for the last of the scones.I have a sinking feeling - there might not be even a renegade raisin left for me.  … [Read more...]

Change of Tea Plan

Well, it was Tuesday morning and I had just finished my daily devotional reads and a quick march through the local newspaper.  I needed to get my day in gear - lunchtime would be approaching and I had yet to get my tea post photos posed!I was looking forward to tea this morning with an exciting find!  This Ridgeway Staffordshire cup and saucer in … [Read more...]

Tea with Beatrix and Peter

I've been looking so forward to displaying my modest Beatrix Potter collection this season!  After reading all eight of Susan Wittig Albert's The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter cozy mystery series and teaching a semester about her with dramatized readings of her works - so delightful to read aloud - I knew just the spot to put all my little … [Read more...]

Teatime Tete-a-Tete

I first noticed the scarf Stephanie was wearing.  "Oh!  That looks like something I would wear!"  I blurted out.  "I don't know you, I'm Kathryn Ross.  You must be new."Since moving into our new church facility - and doubling the seating capacity - we've seen so many new faces!Not at all put off by such an unorthodox introduction, Stephanie … [Read more...]

Waxing Poetic to Welcome Springtime

Ah!  'Tis Spring!  The Lord woos us with birdsong and buds - and all green returning to the earth . . .My beloved spoke, and said to me:“Rise up, my love, my fair one,And come away.For lo, the winter is past,The rain is over and gone.  The flowers appear on the earth;The time of singing has come,And the voice of the turtledoveIs heard in our land. … [Read more...]

The Leprechauns Come to Tea

Happy St. Patrick's Day Week!And, how better to enjoy a Tuesday teatime during such a week than to have some leprechauns come for tea!Here they are - dropping out of the willow in a shower of shamrocks and pots of gold! Seamus has brought his harp for a little entertainment - and perhaps some festive clogging!And, I have borrowed me daughter's own … [Read more...]

Celebrating My First Year of Blogging!

Happy Blogoversary To The Writer's Reverie! Won't you celebrate with me,And, share a lovely cup of tea!I'm so excited to share my FIRST YEAR of blogging BLOGOVERSARY at our Teatime Link-ups this week!!It was one year ago this past weekend that I went to the antique show at our local Woman's Club.  They have one the first weekend in March and the … [Read more...]

A Lily of the Valley for Mom

Been thinking about my mom this past week as we look to Mother's Day. Wish she was here to celebrate. Unfortunately, we only had the privilege of celebrating it with her for 66 years. Connie Jordan Vicari We lost mom to ovarian cancer in 2004.   Two weeks ago her grand-daughter welcomed her first child--Baby Griffin … [Read more...]

Valentine Teatime with Flo & Friends

Flo's Valentineby Helen M. Richardson  “I wonder where I'd better sendThis valentine.” said Flo;“It's pretty, and my dearest friendWould like it much, I know. “My dearest friend is Nelly May;She'll have a lot, I s'pose;She always does, for she's a girl'Most everybody knows.“I want to send it awful badTo Nelly May, for sheWill likely send her … [Read more...]

Mr. Dickens Comes to Tea

"Polly put the kettle on, we'll all have tea . . ."Charles DickensBarnaby Rudge . . . Lady Cordelia calls to her maid as she prepares to greet her guest this morning - Mr. Charles Dickens!  Mr. Dickens is coming to tea . . .To celebrate his birthday, you see . . . Today we mark two hundred years of Dickens' memorable life that has seen more … [Read more...]

Pinterest Teatime

No fancy teas today, I'm afraid.  My daughter is sick and my plans for the day are re-arranged.However, I did capture a couple of images on Pinterest this morning that will have to do - a virtual teatime fantasy from my boards.First - I shall dress for teatime . . .Then, I shall make sure the table is awash with flowers . . .And tea settings from … [Read more...]

Teatime Rain of Roses

What's in a name? that which we call a rose      By any other name would smell as sweet;William Shakespearefrom Romeo & JulietTuesday Teatime and Roses do seem one in the same in many ways.  Fragrant beauty that warms the heart, delights the senses, and restores beauty to one's being when the trials of the day scrape against the skin like a … [Read more...]


Oh, the weather outside is frightful - but, in here, it's so delightful - spending a weekend of "creativi-tea" as I embark on a year long creative journey with nine other women here in Blogland.I'm making a "circle journal" that will wing its way hither and yon into the creative hands of collage art crafters who will add to my journal from their … [Read more...]

Blue Willows by the Blue Danube

January in South Jersey has been a mix of spring and winter - putting one in a quandary as to which coat to wear and to boot or not to boot.However, today the chill is crisp and we enjoyed a nighttime snow that glistened in the glow of the lampstand in the middle of the yard, dusting the deck and tundra with lovely whites under the blue of night.  … [Read more...]

Tea Lady of the Future

Welcoming in the new year, I am considering the delights that await us in our fellowship teatimes on Tuesdays in 2012!  What new tea ladies will be joining us - just as I joined in the fun for the first time last spring and have found such treasure in loveliness and beauty sharing this age old ritual of civility . . .This week, I take inventory of … [Read more...]

Madge & Beryl: On the Town with Tea!

Well, it has been quite of month of merry making and preparations in Pageant Wagon Village!  Everyone has been abuzz with Christmas cheer - happy to herald the seasons festive celebrations marking the birth our our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ - with all the icons of memory making traditions passed from generation to generation.  Decorations, … [Read more...]

Ministry and Christmas Tea

Welcome to a grand celebration of teatime this Christmas season - with all our lovely tea hostesses and linking guests from around the world!  Sharing our love of tea and some holiday cheer, I have chosen to spotlight a wonderful ladies' outreach our church does every year:  The First Responders Gift Baskets!After a weekend of baking, we all … [Read more...]

Hodge Podge Holiday Tea

I am totally unprepared for teatime this week!  Just got out all my Christmas tea things - not too many, as it seems - and after taking inventory, I either need to go shopping or be very creative in molding semi-entertaining tea posts this month!Take, for instance, today.  Much too busy at work and will be tomorrow, too.  Ergo - the following … [Read more...]

Luncheon Teatime

Mid-week and a day off!  Perfect for hosting a new friend for a luncheon teatime and conversation!  Nikkole would be here at noon so I had the morning to prepare!First, I load a selection of classical music CD's in the player, and fill the house with beautiful soothing instrumentals!A candle is lit, wafting warm vanilla scents through the rooms.  … [Read more...]

Mushroom Village Garden Tea

Well, this tea post has been a long time in coming!  You see, fairies are very shy creatures.  So, when Sapphire decided to host a tea party under the spreading mushroom top . . . . . . in the Mushroom Garden Village . . . . . . it was quite a feat for her to agree to be photographed. "But," I protested in persuasive tones, " all our … [Read more...]

Fancy for a Fall Tea!

It's that time of year a gain - Labor Day Weekend - when the closets get put in order and the fall decor bins are brought up from storage in the basement for an afternoon of re-decorating fun!I always like to decorate with something light and entertaining on TV.  This afternoon, I chose one of my "I Love Lucy" DVD's to keep me company.  Ed's at … [Read more...]

Tea with Aunt Anne

I suppose my love of tea and teatime is inherited.  We often credit our upbringing with many of our habits and ways and in this regard, tea was a favorite pastime of my grandmother and her two daughters, my mother and my Aunt Anne.Sadly, I cannot share tea with mom or grandma anymore, but I do get the pleasure of Aunt Anne's company for tea on … [Read more...]

A Tiny Teatime for Tired Me

Just popping in to share a tiny bit of tea . . .If you missed my big doings last week you can catch up with the mountain we moved over the weekend at Purging & Pink and you'll see why I'm not quite up to a larger teatime this Tuesday.   I sort of feel like all these poor little dollies after their tea party:Graphic courtesy of Vintage CatnipNow … [Read more...]

The Pleasure of Your Company and Compassion

Miss Kathy has had a trying couple of days!  But, not so much so that it is beyond the scope of the Lord to bring peace of heart and mind - and a shoulder to cry on - through the ministry of a sister in Christ.My simple pleasure today is a celebration of the ministry of a woman's heart - one to another.  When battles rage there is nothing better … [Read more...]