Podcast #14: Key of Love & Locked Gates

The Key of Love and Locked Iron Gates Miss Bertram longs to pass through a locked gate: Yes, certainly the sun shines and the park looks very cheerful, but unluckily that iron gate . . . gives me a  feeling of restraint and hardship. I cannot get out, as the starling said . . . Jane Austen, excerpt from Chapter 10, Mansfield Park Mansfield … [Read more...]

Waiting in Hope

Baby, it's cold outside! To that end - it's cold INSIDE. At least at my house. Has been for the past two weeks - and worst of all today! As it happens, we are without heat. We have been forced to bid a fond farewell to our oil furnace after a remarkable lifespan of fifty years! It was big. It was noisy. It was working admirably until the … [Read more...]