My Ruby for Women Debut

I can't be more excited this week to finally see the Autumn 2015 issue of the Ruby for Women e-zine! Of course, the cover is dreamy with a stunning harvest image that you can almost smell fall just by looking at it. And, there is an incredible Pumpkin Patch spread with recipe links to the queen of all fall goodies! Sumptuous! Poetry and eye … [Read more...]

Remember the Woodchuck

I saw him the other day in the yard.  I was struck dumb!  In MY yard?? A WOODCHUCK! Forgive me if I blather, but I grew up in this town - in this neighborhood - played in the woods throughout my childhood.  Never did I see such a thing!  Rabbits - on occasion.  Squirrels - a plethora of them.  Chipmunks - a scurrying glimpse.  But - never a … [Read more...]