Dream Bold! Break through Walls! Possess the Gatekeeper’s Key!

Here’s a treat for our RUBY Magazine readers! I’m excited to announce my latest book, The Gatekeeper’s Key, is nominated for the Christian Indie Award for 2018 in the devotional genre. Yes! I choose to dream bold. The book literally grew from a dream and an allegorical short story I wrote in January 2016, related to my spiritual journey as a … [Read more...]

Three Blogging Gals Blogging

Well, it looks like everyone's been so busy coming to the end of summer this month, that we've all been dancing around our long lists of "to-do's" - with the Writer's Blogging Challenge coming in a little late for me and three blogging gals. A couple of weeks ago, I was featured at Enthusiastically Dawn's place as a Blogging Gal answering four … [Read more...]