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Despite all my best intentions, I got bogged down with my blog in 2010.  Blogging is a hobby – and I have precious little time to explore hobbies when my vocation beckons.  Actually, I turned my hobby into my vocation, so I am not without respites of joyful activity.  I love my job – my ministry, if you will – as a professional storyteller, playwright, theatrical director, and teacher.  It’s just that, sometimes, I would like to have some time to explore my craft apart from the “job” aspect of it. 
To that end, 2011 kicked off with a promise I made to myself.  As we enter the third month of the year, so far I’ve been faithful:  To read and write for pleasure.  Hence, I have been enjoying a couple of cozy mystery series by Susan Wittig Albert and Robin Paige (Ms. Albert again, along with her husband, writing under a pen name) and look forward to my chapter reading each day to find out “what happens next!”
I feel so accomplished!  I’m reading for pleasure beyond my daily devotional Bible reading, research and reference reading for work, and article reading I catch here or there. 

Now, what about the writing part?  I have reams of writings, ideas jotted down to expand upon later, half finished articles, partially panned out novels, and the like.  All of them neatly tucked away in binders, files, and hard drive document folders.  Then there are my “quotes collections” that I tuck away in journals – treasures gleaned from the fruits of other pens.  Bits and pieces of this miscellany often find their way into my current plays.  But, most serve as a record of the creative inspiration that undergirds me as an enrichment artist. 

My collection of writings might have remained where they’ve been, but for an encounter with an art photographer friend, Karyn – known professionally as,Violet Brown Photography.  She wanted me to model for a photographic series she was working on capturing “Women of Faith” in their personal environment.  Through a series of photoshoots featuring me bedecked in my varied alter egos with costumes and props, I was to attempt the look of an “inspired writer.”   The lens of her camera captured a few more years in my face than I imagined I had, but, beyond my vanity, Karyn’s images actually caught something of my interior creative world where fancy and inspiration reside.

While reviewing the finished visuals, words materialized in my imagination:  The Writer’s Reverie.  Expounding on this concise phrase, I defined my terms in a poetical mission statement of sorts:

when I leave
the confines of contemporary
and retreat to ancient places,
clothed in vintage apparels,
surrounding myself with
the bylines
of bygone times and tomes;
and the treasures of lifetimes.
Of life lessons – lived . . . learned . . . loved.
Therein – are the tales worth telling . . .

Artists inspire artists.  My creative collaboration with Karyn’s camera inspired me to retool my Blogspot, revisit some of those devotional, inspirational writings, and resurrect the best of the lot for publication – complimented by some of Violet Brown Photography’s images of Miss Kathy’s world – and others stashed away in digital folders.
If you’re looking for something cutting edge and contemporary, Miss Kathy’s Writer’s Reverie is probably not your kind of a retreat.  However, if you like old things, slower days, quiet corners, and simple joys; if the wonders of God’s Creation makes your heart skip a beat, and the mystery of past generations drive you to seek out the secrets of history; if you are idealistic enough to require only happy endings, and confident enough in God’s ability to deliver on His promise to bring just such a final chapter to pass; if you have a strong sense of justice, and love for old-fashioned traditional values, fashions, and fun; if thatched roof cottages, wildflower gardens, paint boxes, tea, and scones cause an unconscious sigh to well up from within; if you don’t live too far from the innocence of your childhood – then, maybe – just maybe – The Writer’s Reverie just might have a word or two – here or there – to bless and inspire you to a life more abundant in “all good things and beauty.”
I’m lining up the first batch of blogs . . . do drop by for a visit again.

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