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L.A.C.E. Disclaimer:  I just had to share this little bit of LACE with you – even though it takes me out of my home and into the woodlands and waterways – a retreat where I feel that I come “home” in a more interior way.  I love to wonder as I wander through Creations’ home decor, drinking in – perhaps not a cup of tea – but the Glory of God in those things He hath wrought.  The Lord is our First Homemaker and His appointments inspire me, refreshing me spirit, soul, and body, that I might learn from the examples He displays about through the craft of Creation.

To tour God’s vast household of LACE, sometimes a good guide is required.  Enter, David.

He had me in stitches the first time I saw him onstage.  He was playing the title role in The Importance of Being Earnest during his sophomore year of high school.  I knew he would be a great asset to my family friendly old-fashioned melodrama performing troupe and offered him a spot.  He was a featured performer and audience favorite in many of my productions over the past six years, pictured right as Tweeter Maloney, the eccentric owner of a dry saloon, obsessed with the desert loon, in the wild west melodrama The Ballad of Maggie Maloney.   I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow into a fine young man. 

If you saw him performing onstage in one of my melodramas, you wouldn’t be able to keep a dry eye for laughing – he is a brilliant comedian.  But, his gift for comedic timing and pratfalls is just a veneer for a serious young man with a passion for God’s creation in nature.  Uniquely gifted with the powers of observation and retention of information, David has grown into a mature young man – the go-to-guide for getting the most out of birding tours and nature walks in our little neck of South Jersey marsh and pinelands.

He treated me to what I often refer to as “my favorite day” a couple years ago when he secured for my husband and me a “butterfly tour” of Cape May during the annual monarch migration at the southern most tip of New Jersey.  A world class butterfly expert was conducting the tours near the marsh among the various butterfly gardens attracting this amazing creature.  After seeing the wonder of butterflies and dragonflies of many varieties – assisted by David who expertly named every one and explained their peculiar characteristics – we took a nature walk through the marsh discovering various species of birds that, to my layman’s eyes, I would never have seen.

We’ve enjoyed boat tours with him as guide pointing out the distinctions between falcons, osprey, vultures, and eagles soaring overhead in sapphire blue skies – not to mention the host of other bird life on any given shoreline flitting and frolicking about blue water currents.  I never noticed the variety before.

Our most recent boat tour was this past April when we went on an eagle watch and had the privilege of seeing four nesting pairs and their young.  My camera could scarce capture the glory of seeing such magnificent creatures in person.  I really need to upgrade!

Here’s one of David’s shots of a soaring osprey sighted on his recent New England birding trip.  Oh!   To soar with osprey wings be they blue or stormy skies!  See Isaiah 40:31.

I was so glad he stepped out this spring and started his own blog.  He’s titled it I Wonder as I Wander.  And, what inspirational thoughts he wonders about!  I love how he is able to draw out Biblical truths God has planted within the DNA of all creation.  His physical ears and eyes are so finely tuned to the natural world, while his spiritual ears and eyes translate those things he sees and hears into Biblical principals speaking Christ.

“He existed in the beginning with God.  God created everything through Him, and nothing was created except through Him.  The Word gave life to everything that was created, and His life brought light to everyone.”
  John 1:2-4
This past Saturday was the annual Bay Days on the marsh – just a twenty minute drive from our home.  What a wonderland of landscape and wildlife exists there – in such contrast to my backyard suburbia.  Not that my backyard is not teaming with life – it is.  David’s been helping me to identify some of the birds our wildflower garden is attracting.  
We walked out to the end of a long dock into the middle of the marsh.  He surveyed the scene and sighed, his voice trailing off in reverie,  “I really love it out here . . .” 
I saw my first purple martin up close and personal that day.  Too bad I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough.  Sorry.

David’s been blogging about different birds and other adventures discovered in God’s creation and I’ve been blessed by his ruminations at I WONDER AS I WANDER.  Click on this link, I bet you’ll be blessed, too.  I hope you’ll visit him there and become a follower.  He’ll be spending a semester in York, England this fall with many new species of birds and natural wonders to wander through and blog about.  I’m looking forward to learning more about them – and the Bible lessons they personify.

I made this little thank you poster for him after our eagle adventure.  Hope you enjoyed meeting him.

Joy to you!

Thinking about the blue sky and water and the blue jay bird logo for Blue Monday, I’m sharing this as my first post at Smiling Sally’s this week!

Celebrating all the Lovely, Admirable, Cheerful, and Encouraging things David shares from his love and study of God in creation, I am sharing this post at Lily Rose Cottage with Trish’s Wednesday L.A.C.E.

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  1. Interesting blues to start the week.

    Yummy Blues

  2. Blue skies and water – my favorite!

  3. How wonderful!
    Kathy, thank you for introducing us to David – his passion for nature is quite admirable indeed!
    This is a delightful post for sharing at LACE today 🙂
    Thank you and God bless you…Trish

  4. Hi Kathy,
    I enjoyed your post today.I love birds and bird photography
    David sounds like a special person.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

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