Living in the Pink!

Well, I think it’s about time to introduce the very elegant Lady Utopia Eldora Montague to all and sundry.  She who began her “pink” and purposeful literary life as a half price Gothic bust in the Halloween clearance aisle at Michael’s Arts and Crafts store.

The Backstory:  I was looking for inspiration for a script I was brooding over for my Melodrama Summer Family Theatre a couple years ago.  Production was still many months away, but my performing troupe would be gathering together at Christmas to brainstorm more ideas. I like having a lot of “tangible inspirations” – collected props and costumes that might potentially be used – gathered to ignite ideas about characters and plot.  I usually write my summer shows in the winter, anticipating the start of rehearsals in June for August shows.
Enter Lady Utopia – sitting on a shelf next to other clearance decorator busts of a vampire and mummy.  She literally looked like death, black as coal, needing a good dose of pink to perk her up with a greater purpose in life than seasonal decor for a dark festival.  Immediately I saw that there was some potential here and bought two of her!

I bronzed one of the busts with metallic gold acrylic paint wiped liberally on with a cotton cloth.  This would be the stage prop representing the mysterious aristocratic character I christened Lady Utopia at the center of the play I was writing.  The result is as you see at left.

The other bust would join my vintage hat displays as a model.  However, she would need to be completely reborn.  To accomplish the plan I had for her – involving all “good things and beauty” – required a total make-over.  Once again, acrylic paint was put to use in various shades of pale pinks, soft brown, moss green, and ecru.  What a transformation!  My creative afternoon ended with a joyful sense of accomplishment.  She was truly a new creation – old things had passed away and everything about her was elegant and new!  Lady Utopia was displayed with prominence and pride, representing the truth of her name – an ideal existence.

Perhaps I felt, in a finite way, what our infinite God feels each time He works His art of re-birth in our lives, re-purposing us for goodness and beauty – an ideal existence.

So, may I introduce to you now, the good Lady Utopia – modeling one of my cheeriest hats with plenty of pink to go around!

You may expect our good Lady to appear in future posts with various other stories I use her to tell.  Hence, her literary life of today – a model of serenity, contemplating, as you see here, the Power of Living in the Pink!

The excerpt verse below was featured in my melodrama Mayhem at Montague Manor or “The Mystery of Lady Utopia’s Grail” 
Story Premise:  The great Lady Utopia Eldora Montague has gone on to be with the Lord, leaving the riches of her estate to three estranged nieces – but only if they can put aside their differences and solve a riddle before the whole lot is auctioned at sunrise!  Will they put away their dark old lives and choose to “Live in the Pink” in time?  Mayhem – in melodramatic fashion – at Montague Manor ensues, and the results are hilarious!  Originally performed by the Pageant Wagon Players, Summer, 2008.

Guardian of the priceless – ultimate and ideal;
Unobtainable happiness for the Montague is real.

From ancient times we’ve owned it – but not without a fight.
Only when you choose to lose, can you behold with sight. 
And one last splash of pink:
Here’s me – pretty well “pinked-out” – and my beautiful daughter, Bethany, who first inspired me back in 2005 to begin writing and producing my stage shows under my own name.  She’s been my leading lady from the start – always wearing vast quantities of PINK in her heart!
Joy to you!!
I’m sharing this post on Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.
Lady Utopia is featured in my post “Hats Off to the Ladies!” 

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  1. What a thoroughly entertaining post! I love the story of your “busts” and look forward to coming back for more.

    I envy those that have the creativity to write and to act…..All I can be is the audience! lol!

    Loved seeing a picture of you and your leading lady daughter!

    So nice to have met you!

  2. Well! You’re the first melodrama writer I’ve met in cyberspace!!!!! I, too, write them and I have a troupe which goes round performing them. At the moment we’re working on a spoof of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful!’ (Yes, we get it in Australia.)

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