Pink Peeks for this Week

Well, it’s been a tough week – lots of furniture re-arranging in mind, heart, and physically in my own home as we move into the retooling of my office/studio, and I begin to plan my routine changes due to my career change.  Old things passing away – all things becoming new – growing pains.

So glad to count my life in blog-land as one of those new things bringing delight, respite, renewal, and sanctuary to my soul and spirit – let alone my creative muse!

So, in the midst of stumbling through this week, I stumbled upon some delightful pinks to share with you today.  May they brighten your day as they have mine . . .





Now, you tell me – a hand painted clay colander and saucer dish?

I decided it might best be used for fruit.  My decorator grapes look pretty good with it.

Now, to come up with a table scape and menu to show it off functionally!

. . . perhaps in another PINK post.

But, the best pink of all – new pink buds on a little plant that I thought was dead –

NEW LIFE AFTER-ALL and a PINK reminder from a Facebook friend:

“Hey you…I wanted you to know today that God KNOWS all that you are facing RIGHT NOW & He knows how you should HANDLE the situation. He WILL (with all His love) help you make the right choice. LISTEN closely, He may answer you through the Bible or a trusted Christian friend. LISTEN for His answer to YOUR PRAYERS, and BE CONFIDENT that He will LEAD YOU in the right way.” 

Sharing my Pink Peeks this Week with Beverly’s Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound

*Note:  The quote above is taken from a devotional titled:  Moments of Peace in the Presence of God: Morning & Evening Edition, Bethany House Publishers

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  1. Lovely! And what a sweet reminder of the Lord’s grace in all seasons of our life. . .blessings!

  2. I do like the look of those plump grapes in your new porcelain colander!

    And blessings and luck as you walk toward a new beginning…

  3. Seems to have been a tough week for many of us…lots of change floating in the air. The new colander is beautiful, a very unique find! Pretty flowers, too, thanks for sharing the colorful photos.

  4. Even with your hectic week.glad you found time to share these pretty pinks with us.

  5. Such pretty pictures. : )

    Guess what? I lent my brother, “The Creative Call.” I’m praying it inspires him as much as it has me. He’s been depressed for a long time and hasn’t picked up his guitar in years. This leaves him feeling empty. Wouldn’t it be great if he starts using music as a form of prayer?

  6. Good day, Kathryn…
    We have crape myrtles here, too…they are lovely, in their rows of white, pink, and purple blooms. I painted them in Path of Hope. Your flowers are pleasingly peaceful.

    I do like the hand-painted clay colander. It’s very unusual and pretty.

    Have a wonderful day,

  7. Lovely photos, the sweet little pink buds..can’t wait to see the blooms. The colander is fabulous too. Hugs!

  8. Hello My Sweet Friend!

    I love all your sweet pink, but I especially like how you ended your post!

    God Bless!

  9. Miss Kathy your pinks are perfect! I do hope you are doing well…I am not sure about your career changes but I am a believer in change can be good. God knows what we need even before we need it.

    Have a great week!

  10. I was tickled pink by this post! (OK, I know it was easy – but you set me up!) Love all the cheerful pictures – but I loved your sentiments at the end the most. Sometimes I just need to repeat that phrase over and over again until it reaches the innermost corners of my heart, and settles in my fret-tossed mind…

    God knows, God knows…He knows.


  11. I love, LOVE your thrifty find!! Have a blessed week~

    In Him, Debbie

  12. What a beautiful website you have…I love every aspect of it.

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