Purging & Pink!

Well, the long awaited weekend has arrived!  Today may be Pink Saturday at Beverly’s – but it is the Yard Sale of the Year at Miss Kathy’s!

Bless the man!  Ed took his vacation week to do this!  We did take a day trip with David on a Cape May birding cruise – see Blue Skies and Ocean Breezesbut the rest of this week has been work, work, and more work!  I don’t mind telling you – I am exhausted!

You see, my schedule has been so overbooked the past two years, that I haven’t had the time to properly put away all the props and costumes to the various programs I’ve been producing.  Consequently, the basement storage for my Pageant Wagon Productions looked like this:

. . . and this . . .

. . . and this, too . . .

Not to mention this . . .

. . . and this . . .

. . . with a few amazing pink finds!  Check out this lovely Victorian lamp with pink rose design!

Problem is – the top globe is broken in the back.  I have decided to keep it and replace the globe with a plain one and perhaps use it somewhere upstairs for a fresh look.  Something else I’m keeping – don’t laugh:

I told you not to laugh!  This is Chloe.  She’s another hat model of mine, wearing the latest in furry pink hair.  I’m not sure where I picked the pink hair up at – things come to me from strange and bizarre places . . .

Oh!  Like this little doll!

Okay – a bit scary, I’ll grant you.  But, don’t we all remember playing with baby dolls that looked like this?  See – she’s in the pink with her little pink bonnet.  I picked her up to use as a prop for our Christmas production last year.  In the storyline, a choir is trying to produce a Christmas play – but few are behaving very Christ-like.  One of the characters in the play switches the “pretty” Baby Jesus prop for this “scary” Baby Jesus prop.  He is redeemed, however, at a climactic moment, when the proper prop is returned and true reverence and worship makes for a stirring finale.  Nice memories.  Yes.  This doll’s a keeper – pink hat and all!

Now, I have a number of pretty pink dresses in my costume collection.  I keep various sizes and styles to outfit different people and characters.  Each production means new costumes acquired and added.  Things get a little crowded.  Here’s one of my favorite pinks – a sweet vintage look lace and satin selection:

Of course, I have something of a reputation for my hats.  Lots of those.  I’ll have to do a post just on them sometime – and the hat boxes!  Ya!  Thought I’d share this 1960’s model – a stylish summer straw with plenty of pink to make you pop!

Too bad we just don’t seem to wear hats anymore – well, I do . . .

However, I do NOT wear this! 

David was off from the boat tours and came by to lend a hand.  He’s holding adult sized pink jammies with drawers!  What a hoot!  It was used once as a pig costume with the craziest pig mask ever!

Hmmmmm.  Never know when I might need that again.  Pig costume stays.

But, plenty of stuff did not!  We spent the better part of the week trudging boxes and bins and furnishings upstairs until all we had left were little paths through the dining room and living room:

. . . all set and ready to go . . .

. . . out the door on Saturday . . .

. . . with temperatures expected at the 100+ mark!

Ah, me!  Good thing we’ve got a friend coming by around 1:00pm with his truck to take whatever is left to Goodwill!  Then – we can enjoy the “pinkness of the after-purge!”  And my more easily navigated basement:

Purging clears away the clutter in the physical – but also in mind, heart, and spirit!  Priorities line up like good little soldiers in proper order.  Perspicuity is the fruit – decidedly PINK in color!  Yes!  To be sure!  This IS a Pink Saturday for me!

Sharing my Pink Purge with Beverly on Pink Saturday at “How Sweet the Sound”

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"I teach families how to restore their God-given authority as the primary educator in their child’s life through the experience of reading together as a family. Learn how to use literature to create teachable moments, build strong minds, and bind loving hearts."

Kathryn Ross, writer, speaker, and dramatist, ignites a love of literature and learning to equip young and old towards developing a Family Literacy Lifestyle—reading together, learning together, loving together. Her works challenge families to deepen their literacy skills and grow into the greater things God has purposed for them. She’s taught in Christian and homeschool circles, trained in the Principle Approach® through the Foundation for American Christian Education. Miss Kathy owns Pageant Wagon Publishing, producing homeschool enrichment materials, devotional works, study guides, and theatrical dramas for church, school, and community production. She podcasts at TheWritersReverie.com and blogs at PageantWagonPublishing.com.


  1. Oh! Wish I lived closer!!! WHEW! Hopefully, tomorrow won’t be as hot and humid as today, but I think that’s wishful thinking.

    I never heard of “The Borrowers”. You totally piqued my interest though and now I have to Google it. Sounds like something I’d enjoy.

    Looking forward to seeing your creations. : )


  2. Wow, what a long week of work!

    I helped my two younger daughter purge and clean their room this week – it only took a day but it felt like a week! 🙂

    Have a great yard sale!


  3. impressive work! and all kinds of wonderful pink goodies. happy pink saturday! xo

  4. Feels good, doesn’t it Miss Kathy, to get organized and UNclutter??! I was so surprised to see you have the identical blue doll house that my daughter still has!! She is thinking of painting it and has had it since she was in 3rd grade. Have a great sale and stay cool! xo

  5. Kathryn, I So wish I could come to your yard sale today! Not only to shop, but to Meet you! I had to giggle when I saw that wall of tubs, we have one just like it! Ahhh, stuff! Gets in the way of our tranquility sometimes! Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  6. Oh, to be at that sale! I used to have tubs everywhere, not anymore. Best of luck on sales …

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  7. RB mentioned having a garage sale yesterday but I quickly vetoed the idea — I remember the work! The finished product is awesome though. I love orderliness so I’ve been taking some boxes to Good Will.

  8. What fabulous treasures you are passing on to others!! Hopefully the temps cooperated and a cool breeze was present. Though anyone who ventured out would be delighted with the finds you are selling… much success, xo HHL

  9. wow that is an awesome pile of freedom from stuff. We are leaning towards a major sale this fall. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. A success, me thinks! Glad you got the good side of my calf in the picture.

  11. Well, look what I missed while on summer vacation! The yard sale of the century! I love the purged look at the end and agree SO MUCH with the need to do so and the way you feel afterward.

    You kept making me giggle with your creative clutter. I’m so glad you saved the pink haired hat rack and the pig costume. I thought at first it was a bunny suit a la “The Christmas Story”.

    Glad I’m home so I can hear the final chapter and success story. (By the way, I would LOVE to wander around and look at your costumes and props. That’s right up my alley.)

  12. Hi Miss Kathy,
    Well I surely think you must be in the pink after your organizing and hopefully an excellent sale. Sure wish I was there. Love all the pinks you shared. Your basement looks great.
    Love the hat too and I think I had that same doll, tiny tears maybe?
    Gotta love the pink long johns.
    I know it feels so great to purge and straighten.
    Hope you get some rest now.
    Thank you for your visit too and comments.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  13. I can’t believe I missed this post. Did it really only take you a weekend to accomplish this? I actually squeaked out loud at the after pictures! It almost gives me hope… almost.

    Blessings, Debbie

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